Volunteer Firefighters Help Contain Wildfire Northeast of Athens

Volunteer firefighters helped battle a raging wildfire northeast of Athens in Penteli, Greece, on July 19, which the Hellenic Fire Services reported as mostly under control the next day.

According to local reports, 19 firefighting aircraft worked to extinguish the blaze. A press release issued on July 20 by the Hellenic Fire Service said a large number of “ground forces” were called upon to control the fire, including a large number of volunteer firefighters.

As of July 21, the fire was contained but some firefighters remained to tend to possible flareups.

Video recorded by George Manginas shows a group of volunteers surrounded by smoke and flames as they fought the wildfire’s spread on Tuesday night.

Manginas told Storyful that the volunteers in the video are in good health, but the fire was very difficult to put out. Wind speeds reached up to 113 kilometers an hour that night, according to local reports.

Local news reported “at least 34 people were hospitalized with breathing problems or minor burns” as a result of the fire. Credit: George Manginas via Storyful

Video transcript


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