Lost Dog Lured From English Marsh Using Sausage Attached to Drone

A lost dog was rescued from mudflats in Emsworth, England, after a rescue team dangled sausage from a drone to lure the shivering pup out of the muddy marsh on January 15.

Millie, a three-year-old Jack Russell terrier, went missing in nearby Havant two days prior, and was eventually spotted wandering around the marshland by a drone.

After learning that Millie could drown from rising tides, Denmead Drone Search & Rescue volunteers decided to attach a sausage to a drone and dangle it in front of Millie to lure her out.

While the inventive tactic worked, Millie quickly skittered away from the mudflats and ran into town, but was eventually found and reunited with her owner.

In a Facebook post, Denmead Drone Search & Rescue said that Millie visited the vet and is now safely resting at home.

“Millie is a very mobile dog and is extremely streetwise,” they added. Credit: Denmead Drone Search & Rescue via Storyful