Volunteers Place Sandbags at Flooded Southern Louisiana Homes

Volunteers with the Cajun Navy stacked sandbags in Bayou Pigeon on Friday, May 21, as days of heavy rain coupled with the failure of a temporary dam forced mandatory evacuations, local reports said.

The Iberville Parish Council ordered an emergency evacuation for all Bayou Pigeon and Bayou Sorrel residents on Friday morning and instructed residents to use Highway 404 toward Plaquemine.

According to local media, an AquaDam along Highway 75 in the Bayou Sorrel area failed on Friday morning and the intercoastal waterway was overflowing, threatening “several hundred homes.”

Between five and 15 inches of rain had fallen over “the last few days,” according to the Iberville Parish Council. Credit: Cajun Navy 2016 via Storyful

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