Volvo S60 taken off sale in the UK as brand rethinks product portfolio

Volvo has taken its S60 off sale for an indefinite amount of time as the Swedish manufacturer ‘re-evaluates’ its line-up.

The S60 was introduced in 2000 as Volvo’s new compact saloon, rivalling models such as the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class.

The third-generation model was launched in 2019, bringing a much bolder design and more technology. It was also the first Volvo of recent years not to be offered with a diesel engine, with customers having the choice of a standard petrol engine or powerful plug-in hybrid, known as the Recharge.

However, the S60 has now been removed from Volvo’s price lists – leaving the S90 as the only Volvo saloon currently on sale.

A Recharge plug-in hybrid was also offered on the S60. (Volvo)
A Recharge plug-in hybrid was also offered on the S60. (Volvo)

A Volvo spokesperson said: “We are continually re-evaluating our product portfolio and, as part of this process, have temporarily removed the S60 for sale in the UK.”

Although Volvo wouldn’t release UK sales figures for the S60, it’s one of the brand’s lowest performers in its SUV-dominant line-up. These high-riding models accounted for almost three-quarters (74 per cent) of Volvo’s global sales last year.

The temporary removal of the S60 could also be down to changes in production.

Currently, the S60 is produced in Ridgeville, South Carolina, at Volvo’s only US plant. However, this factory is to become the main new home of the EX90 – the long-awaited replacement for the XC90 – that will serve as Volvo’s new flagship. The new Polestar 3 SUV will also be produced here.

Polestar 3
Polestar’s new ‘3’ SUV and the Volvo EX90 are to be made where the S60 is currently produced. (Polestar)

The EX90 is due to be unveiled on November 9, with Volvo likely to begin production of it shortly afterwards and the factory needing to be converted to produce this new EV.

The S60 is also produced away from the mechanically similar V60 estate, which is instead produced in Torslanda, Sweden, and in Ghent, Belgium.