Vote for Greg Knight: Conservative MP releases the worst yet best election video so far

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The 2017 general election has finally found the hero it deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Enter, through a wide open constituency office door, Sir Greg Knight.

The Conservative MP for East Yorkshire has captured the imagination of the electorate with his new campaign video.

In just 51 seconds, it manages to reinvent politics, music and Alan Patridgeness.

The clip begins with Mr Knight, 68, walking through a door into a constituency office – and past one of his campaign helpers, whose green jumper and keyboard tapping add to the sense of intrigue.

Speaking to camera, Mr Knight tells viewers he hopes he has their vote, and that he supports Conservative leader Theresa May.

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He even trots out a few of the prime minister’s lines, talking about ‘strong and stable’ government and the need to avoid a ‘coalition of chaos’ led by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

So far, so typical election video.

But then something magical happens. Mr Knight disappears from view and the camera swoops jerkily to focus on one of his election posters on the wall, soundtracked by the BEST. ELECTION. SONG. EVER. (Yes, even better than Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream.)

It goes like this:

‘You’ll get accountability,
With Conservative delivery,
Make sure this time you get it right,
Vote for Greg Knight….’

And it is magnificent.

Sir Greg, who was given a knighthood in 2013 for political service, has been the talk of Twitter, with many users calling him a real-life Alan Partridge and questioning if the hilariously genius video is, in fact, genuine.

The man himself insists it is, telling BuzzFeed: ‘A lot of candidates go around with loud speakers; instead I play the jingle.

‘It’s a bit of fun. Politics is a serious business. Some people hate it and some people like it. It’s quite a catchy tune. The point is it got noticed.

‘I don’t mind being teased about it. It brought a bit of colour to my campaign.’

Mr Knight said he doesn’t know who Alan Partridge is.

A longer version of the amazing song can be found on Mr Knight’s equally amazing website.

It isn’t his first foray into music – he plays drums in the only parliamentary rock band in the world, MP4, which features Labour’s Kevin Brennan on guitar, SNP MP Pete Wishart on keyboards and Labour’s Ian Cawsey, who lost his seat in 2010, on bass and vocals.

Sir Greg Knight on the drums for MP4 (Picture: PA)
Sir Greg Knight on the drums for MP4 (Picture: PA)

In November 2016, the group recorded a cover of The Rolling Stones song ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ with Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs, KT Tunstall, David Gray, Steve Harley of Cockney Rebel and some members of the Parliamentary Choir under the name, ‘Friends of Jo Cox’, in tribute to the MP who was murdered earlier in the year.

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