Can I vote online in the UK general election 2019?

Tom Herbert

Brits are heading to the ballot boxes today for the third general election in five years.

Polling booths opened early on Thursday for people to cast their votes in the UK general election.

The 2019 election is being dubbed the most important in a generation with politicians across the country battling it out to win one of the 650 seats that are up for grabs.

With election fever now in full swing, some may wonder if they can vote online. Here's what you need to know.

Can I vote online?

Unfortunately, while you can register to vote online you can't actually vote online in any elections.

Official advice says you must vote in one of three ways - in person at a polling station, by post or by proxy.

You can vote by post if you're away from home or if you're abroad, however the deadline to register to do so has now passed.

Similarly, you can choose a trusted friend or family member to vote on your behalf - known as voting by proxy - but again, the deadline to register has passed.

However, you can get an emergency proxy vote for extenuating circumstances.

Did I have to register to vote before election day?

Yes - but you may already be registered to vote, so don't panic.

You only need to register once, not for each individual election. However you will need to register again if you have moved home or changed your name since the last time the ballot boxes opened.

The quickest way to check is online via your local Electoral Registration Office. Unfortunately if you haven't registered by now then you won't be able to vote today - the deadline was midnight on November 26.

Do I need my polling card to vote?

You don't - you just need to have registered by now.

While you should have received your card in the post by now, don't worry if you haven't because it's not necessary to vote.

Find out more about polling cards here.

Where is my nearest polling station?

You should be able to find where your nearest polling station on your polling card.

But if you haven't received your polling card yet, you should get in touch with electoral services who will be able to tell you where your nearest station is.

Find out more about polling stations here.

What time do polling stations shut today?

They are open until 10pm this evening - giving voters around 15 hours to cast their ballot.

Find out more about opening and closing times here.

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