Voters in Workington give their view on the 2024 General Election

From the lack of town centre public toilets to coalmining at Whitehaven, Cumbria Live has been finding out which issues matter to voters in Workington ahead of the General Election.

The Cumbria town has been a bellweather seat for previous elections, with politicians vying to win over 'Workington Man' to gain a majority in Parliament. So what do local voters think this time around? With polls opening tomorrow across the country, we spoke to people in Workington about the local factors which may help determine their decision on where to put their cross on the ballot paper.

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We also asked for views on the two men vying to be the UK's prime minister, Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer. One voter told us the closure of public toilets in Workington was a key local issue, adding: "People get caught short at all times of the day".

Two of those we spoke to agreed that Rishi Sunak is 'out of touch', and there was not a ringing endorsement for Keir Starmer either. Our interviews were carried out as part of the 5000 Voices project, which is speaking to voters around the country during the 2024 General Election campaign.