WAGS of LA in SA: We're going to get into trouble in Cape Town

WAGS of LA in SA: We're going to get into trouble in Cape Town

Johannesburg – Taking a break from their busy schedules, the ladies from WAGS LA recently paid a visit to SA.

Barbie Blank and Sasha Gates had a fun-filled trip planned, which included visiting Table Mountain and a winery or two. But before they took in some of what SA has to offer, they stopped to have a chat with The Juice

Check out our conversation with the gorgeous reality stars below: 

What has your time in SA been like? 

Sasha: "One thing I can say is that you guys are very hospitable, and South Africa has been on my bucketlist forever so it’s just an honour to be here. We’re both going to go to Cape Town, and then we’re going get into some trouble out there. I definitely want go to the Nelson Mandela Museum, I want to go to Table Mountain and the winery." 

What was your initial feeling when you were approached to do the show? 

Barbie: "I was a little hesitant, just because of my husband. I was trying to feel him out and see how he would feel about it. For me I love it, cause I’ve been in entertainment for a long time and I’ve wrestled for WWE, so I’m used to the cameras and all that stuff. So I was more worried about him and his reaction. But we sat down and he was like, 'look babe, you supported me and now it’s my turn to support you so we’ll see how it goes.'" 

Sasha: "It was very scary because you unlock your door and let the entire world in and that’s a scary thing. But it’s one of those things where we wanted to take the risk because you never know – Is it the devil knocking, is it an angel knocking? It was a great opportunity and now we’re here and so far it’s been great." 

What was it like filming in the beginning? 

Sasha: "You’re in your head a lot. The cameras are rolling all the time. You’re like, 'Oh, is my stomach sticking out?,' 'Did I just say the wrong thing?,' 'Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.’ You’re constantly in your head. Now that we’re going on to season four eventually, we’re pretty seasoned now and it’s a lot easier. You forget the cameras are there and you just become more comfortable in your skin." 

What are some of the misconceptions people have about WAGS? 

Barbie: "I feel like they think we have no problems, and we live this amazing lifestyle and we don’t have regular people problems, but we live just like everybody else. We all go through the same issues that married couples go through. It’s not as glamorous as everybody else thinks it is." 

Sasha: "I feel like a lot of woman in our situation would be happy with sitting down and being kept and taken care of, but the type of women we are, we’re very independent and strong and we want to contribute to the pod. So we’re go-getters – we want to go get our own thing. Always pursuing something, always trying to hit the lottery a million times. So we’re not just sitting on our butts all the time." 

What are some moments from the show that really stood out for you? 

Barbie: "For me, I got married on the show so that was like the biggest thing. For me to let the fans in on the biggest day of me and my husband's life was huge and it was very exciting, and it was a dream wedding." 

What do you do in your spare time? 

Sasha: "In my spare time I love to write music and record music. I’ve been doing that all my life, it’s my creative outlet and I’m very passionate about it." 

Barbie: "I’m big into fitness. I try to work out everyday. I’m actually going to try and come out with my own workout line just cause I love different clothing." 

Do you watch reality shows? If so, what’s your favourite? 

Sasha: "I don’t watch much TV. I think the show that I was hooked on the most in the past was Breaking Bad. I watch a lot of Barney and Pepper Pig because I have two kids, two and three years old. But I think one of the shows I do watch the most is WAGS cause we’re on there." 

Barbie: "I’m really into docu-series. Like I love Leah Remini, the Scientology stuff, that blows my mind. I love Housewives, who doesn’t, I have a few girlfriends on that show. I like a bunch of different reality shows." 

Sasha, what are you working on with regard to your music? 

Sasha: "Right now I’m changing the direction of my music. For the longest I’ve been trying to fit in with the music that’s out there today. I’m like, my family is from the island, I love soca, I love reggae, I love that kind of vibe so I’m creating msuic that sounds like that. And it speaks true to who I am, it feels very natural. I’m working on two singles right now and I’m gonna work on pushing it on that side of the world and then hopefully it crosses over to here." 

Barbie, would you ever consider getting back into wrestling? 

Barbie: "I always say, ‘never say never’. I still watch it and it’s still a big part of my life. I just went back and did some stuff for Wrestlemania. So, you know, if they ask me to come back and do stuff with them I’m not opposed to that. There’s nothing better than the feeling of walking through the curtain and having thousands of people screaming your name. It’s an adrenaline rush and it’s definitely something that I miss, so you never know." 

What can people look forward to in the new season of WAGS LA? 

Sasha: "Highlight for me was taking some of the cast to Trinidad. We have the biggest Caribbean carnival in the world. It’s so beautiful, there’s lots of feathers and it sparkles and you’re dancing on the street, the music is amazing. So that’s one of the highlights for me. Also, Nicole gets married. Tons of drama. There’s so many women from so many walks of life and we all butt heads. It’s the inevatable, but we all love each other at the same time. So you get a lot of happy moments and lots of drama." 

Barbie: "And we have three news girls too so that adds a totally different dynamic than what we’ve had in the past. And you’ll see my first year of marriage and what it’s like."

WAGS LA season 3 premieres on E! (DStv channel124) on 6 November at 20:00.