Wait...Do Contestants on 'The Traitors U.K' Actually Sleep in the Castle? Here's the Situation

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Where Do 'The Traitors U.K.' Contestants Sleep?Peacock - Getty Images

The Traitors U.K. is finally back on screens, as the Faithfuls and Traitors go head-to-head once again to try and banish each other in a bid to win the prize money. And while we're already looking at when the next episodes are out and digging into detail about the contestants, we're also wondering where the contestants actually sleep each night.

After months of anticipation, the second U.K. series of The Traitors is back on British TV screens as we join 22 contestants in a castle in Scotland, battling it out for a prize fund of £120,000.

The rules of the show are simple. The competitors are split into two groups: the Traitors, whose job it is to secretly 'murder' a player (obviuosly not literally) each evening, and the Faithfuls, whose job it is to try and discover who the Traitors are, taking part in a 'banishment' each day. The aim for the Faithfuls is to make it to the end of the game without getting killed, whereas a Traitor wins *all* the money if they go undetected.

Each night, a gong sounds, signalling it's time for the contestants to go to their individual sleeping quarters. But where do they actually sleep? Is it in the castle? Well....

Host of The Traitors U.S. (which is also filmed at Andross Castle in the Scottish Highlands) Alan Cumming revealed to Daily Beast that, in fact, it's nowhere near as fancy.

the traitors season1
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"Spoiler alert: None of us stayed in the castle," he said. "None of us. [The contestants] all stayed in the airport hotel in the Inverness airport. How glamorous—you come to Scotland, and you stay in the Inverness airport hotel."

Alan added that he "stayed in a little house in Inverness.", and that he did have a room in the castle "where I would get made up and dressed... [it had] a huge bed in it. So I did actually sleep quite often but not overnight."

So there you go!

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