Wait, Could iCarly Still Continue After Its Cancellation? Miranda Cosgrove Shares An Update

 Carly smiling while holding a duster on iCarly.
Credit: Paramount+

Paramount+ may be one of the best streaming services out there, but that doesn’t mean it's flawless, especially when it comes to premature cancellations. Late last year, for example, the streamer surprisingly canceled the iCarly revival. However, there has still been hope that the show will continue in some way, shape, or form following the cliffhanger in the Season 3 finale. Now, Miranda Cosgrove has an update that will surely make fans happy.

The Season 3 finale of iCarly ended with Carly and Spencer’s mom coming back but not revealing who she is, and that left fans wanting a resolution really bad. Cosgrove previously shared her hopes for a wrap-up movie to bring closure for both the cast and longtime fans, and she recently told Variety that she has a good feeling about it, saying:

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna happen. So, I’m excited, and I’d love to get to wrap up the story.

Not many shows that get canceled without ending on their own terms get the chance to wrap everything up, and the fact that it’s very likely that iCarly will get the chance to do so is pretty great. Even though nothing is confirmed, it does sound like it’s close to happening.

Plus, on top of finding out who the titular character's mom is, there are a lot of stories that need closure, including Carly and Freddie’s long-awaited relationship.

As for what could happen in the movie, the possibilities are endless. To me, the most logical way for the story to be told is that it takes place immediately after the events of the Season 3 finale, at the wedding of Lewbert the doorman and Freddie’s mom Marissa, which Carly and Spencer’s mom showed up to. She was never actually mentioned in the original series, and it was always assumed she died when, in reality, she just up and left.

It would be nice to not only see what she looks like (and who she’s played by) but what really drove her to leave her husband and kids.

If a wrap-up movie eventually happens, it might still be a long way away. Fans of the original iCarly did wait almost 10 years for a new series, and if waiting a little longer for a wrap-up movie means that it will happen, the wait will surely be worth it. Now, what really needs to happen is we need to see this project greenlit. However, since Miranda Cosgrove seems sure it will work out, it seems like it'll happen.

In the meantime, Paramount+ subscribers can watch both iCarly shows and probably get even more anxious for some sort of closure after watching the Season 3 finale of the revival. Hopefully, a movie will happen, but right now, it’s just going to be a waiting game.