‘Wait. What?!’: Seth Meyers Stunned By Wild New Trump Claim

Seth Meyers had a lot of Donald Trump and Republican news to cover during his first night back on air following the writers strike.

The “Late Night” host breathlessly tore through the biggest and most bonkers stories of the last five months before settling in to go into more detail on the former president’s civil fraud trial, which was brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James and began Monday.

Trump’s bluster outside the courtroom was his standard “word vomit,” said Meyers.

But one line stood out in particular, he said.

Namely, Trump’s claim that his contracts contained a “buyer beware”-type disclaimer that basically said that “nothing in them is true.”

“It says, ‘When you take a look at the financial statement, don’t believe anything you read.’ This is up front. ‘Don’t believe anything you read,’” Trump told reporters.

Meyers was stunned.

“Wait. What?! You can’t be held liable because your business records have a disclaimer that says, don’t believe any of this?” he asked. Trump is “talking about his bank records like it’s the warning before an episode of ‘Jackass.’”

The judge overseeing the case ruled last week that Trump had for years committed fraud by overvaluing his assets to obtain bank loans and seal deals.

With some of Trump’s companies now facing orders to be dissolved, Meyers predicted a hilariously terrifying consequence for Trump involving his former attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Watch the video here: