Waiter sparks controversy by serving pregnant woman non-alcoholic drinks without her knowing

A waiter has sparked controversy by serving non-alcoholic drinks to a pregnant woman without her knowing (Stock Picture: Getty)

A waiter has sparked controversy by revealing that they had served non-alcoholic drinks to a pregnant woman without her knowing.

The waiter secretly served the woman virgin cocktails despite her ordering alcoholic versions after overhearing that she was pregnant.

The woman later found out and complained to the restaurant manager, who has suspended the server, saying they could have got the restaurant in trouble for discrimination.

The waiter’s actions, which they shared on Reddit in a now-viral post, has sparked controversy, with some saying it was the right thing to do but others saying it wasn’t their decision to make.

Reddit post

The post describes how the customer was in a group of four women in their late 20s who had ordered four house cocktails as they ordered their meal.

“When I was on my way back to their booth with the drinks on a tray, I walked by the back side and overheard one of them talking about how she was 14 weeks along,” the waiter wrote.


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“When I rounded back, they were talking about the same topic and it was clear to me that she was pregnant. I figured her having one drink wasn't a big deal,” the author of the post added.

The waiter went on to say they had become concerned when the women ordered another round of drinks, so asked the bartender to make one of them a virgin cocktail.

Reddit post

But after they had paid and left, the women returned having noticed that some of the cocktails were marked ‘virgin’.

“I fessed up that it meant non-alcoholic,” the waiter wrote. “She blank stared me for a few seconds and then asked if she had ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail. I said no, but told her that I assumed she wanted one seeing as she was pregnant.

“It was a lame lie and I'll admit it, but she looked me in the eye and asked me to return her part of the tip. I did so. Then she talked to my manager. My manager took me into her office and literally shrieked at me until hoarse.”

The waiter said they had stood their ground but had been told they were being taken “off the calendar” at the restaurant.

“She [the manager] also informed me that I could get the restaurant in serious trouble for discrimination, and upon examination of my state's laws, she is correct,” they added.

“But when I talked to my mother and father about it tonight, they told me that they understood my position. The entire staff at the restaurant is against me and I think that I'm going to call in and tell my manager that I quit, but I still feel in the right here. I would like some perspective on this and if I'm the asshole here.”

The post has sparked debate online (Picture: Getty)

The post has received nearly 3,000 comments - with some supporting the waiter but others disagreeing with the decision.

One user said: “She sucks for obvious reasons, you suck because you had no way to prove she was a pregnant, you altered her drink without informing her, and you made a big decision without speaking to your manager.”

Another said: “I've spent most of my working years in food service, and half of that time has been in management. If I was your manager, I would've fired you on the spot.”

But another said: “You’d think one of her friends would have said something to her. You probably shouldn’t have made the call but your head was in the right place, I mean jesus...people are acting like you fed a vegan meat intentionally or gave someone wheat when they have a gluten allergy.”

Another added: “I'm a woman. I don’t think it’s an a**hole thing to do. I’m pro-choice, but I’m not pro intentionally drinking while pregnant. Nope nope nope.”

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