Waitrose mocked for selling bunch of autumn leaves for £6

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Twitter users have mocked a bunch of autumn leaves being sold at Waitrose for £6, with one person saying the retailer is “having an autumnal laugh”.

A photograph of the product, titled “Autumn Seasonal Foliage”, was shared online by Twitter user Sharon Hanley.

In the product’s description, the supermarket wrote that customers could “bring the outside indoors and brighten up your home with freshly picked flowers that reflect the colours of the season”.

“We source the best blooms from expert growers, and handle them gently on their journey to our stores, so they look beautiful for longer,” the retailer said.

However, several people have expressed their confusion over a bunch of autumn leaves, which they say they can find outside, being sold for £6.

“Hello @waitrose I applaud you for trying to sell customers a bunch of leaves for £6,” Hanley tweeted. “You are having an Autumnal laugh #leavesforlaughs.”

Underneath Hanley’s tweet, which has been liked more than 370 times, someone else wrote: “A bag of actual leaves?? I’ll sell you a bin bag of leaves for 10p.”

One Twitter user shared a photograph of autumnal leaves spotted on the street, while another added: “This has got to be from the drunk Monday morning meeting category of ideas.”

On the product’s packaging, it says that the Autumn Seasonal Foliage is guaranteed to last for five days.

When contacted for comment by The Independent, a Waitrose spokesperson said: “We've seen a really strong demand for autumn foliage - our customers love using these to mix in with their seasonal flowers to brighten their homes.”

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