Wake Forest's bad interception — and a terrible call by officials — introduce us to Tulane's turnover beads

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Move over, turnover chain. The turnover beads are in town.

Perhaps inspired by Miami’s success with its gaudy turnover chain last year, Tulane is apparently going to break out turnover beads in 2018. Take a look at what Lawrence Graham was wearing after intercepting Wake Forest QB Sam Hartman in the fourth quarter of their game Thursday night.

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The pick happened as Hartman made a terrible decision while trying to avoid a sack. The freshman simply fired the ball straight into Graham’s midsection.

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But wait. Watch the GIF above closely. You’ll notice that Hartman’s knee is down before he releases the ball. Here’s a screenshot.

(Via CBS Sports Network)

The play was reviewed and somehow upheld by the officiating crew. Maybe it’s because they didn’t want to revoke the turnover beads? That’s all we can think of.

The turnover led to a game-tying field goal for Tulane but Wake Forest won in overtime 23-17 after Tulane went backward on its overtime possession.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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