German wakeboarder rides the waves on flooded street

The flooding in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic has caused chaos for homeowners - but for some it has become an extreme sports opportunity.

The rain-soaked River Danube, along with other southern rivers, has flooded towns, roads and countryside across Europe this week.

But wakeboarder Aliano Blanik took advantage of the wet conditions by riding the temporary waves along a flooded road.

An online video shows him being towed along the water-soaked road, picking up speed as he glides along the waves.

Stylish boarder Aliano even throws in several jumps along the way before coming to a stop on a grassy hill 30 seconds later.

His unusual wake boarding video has already been viewed over 30,000 times online in a couple of days.

The video emerged as several cities in Germany and the Czech Republic brace themselves for disaster in the aftermath of the flooding.

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In the Czech Republic, where eight people have already perished in the floods, thousands of households in the north were without power, gas and drinking water.

Several cities in the north of the Czech Republic and eastern Germany are threatened by the surging waters of the Elbe river after torrential rains across swathes of central Europe.

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