Wales star left red-faced in front of Jonathan Davies after hilariously awkward moment

-Credit: (Image: Instagram: @goodscazrugby)
-Credit: (Image: Instagram: @goodscazrugby)

Jasmine Joyce has revealed the bizarre and awkward moment her dead dog's ashes spilled out onto the pitch at the Principality Stadium in front of Jonathan Davies.

Joyce, who married partner and fellow Wales international Alisha Butchers last year, was recounting the passing of their dog Norman, whom they decided to have cremated.

The ashes were then stored in little pots, one of which was attached to Joyce's car keys. However, things went wrong in the most hilarious of circumstances.

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During an event at the Principality Stadium, the white ashes of Norman spilled out onto the hallowed turf in front of Davies, who happened to be there at the same time for an event.

"We did have a did have a dog called Norman but he died," Joyce told the The Good, The Scaz and The Rugby podcast.

"He did have a heart problem. He was ill anyway.

"So the dog had just died. Heartbroken. Like genuinely me and Alisha were gutted.

"So we've got his ashes. We cremated the ashes and put them into little pots. Twist it off put the ashes in, it's like a white powder. Twisted it back on and it was on my car keys.

Watch the full clip below

"I drop my car keys and pick them back up. I'm in the Principality Stadium and didn't realise that Norman's ashes had obviously fallen off my car keys."

The sight of car keys and spilled white powder clearly raised the suspicion of onlookers.

"So then Jonathan Davies goes 'What's that on the floor girls?' Obviously I look down and I'm thinking it's Norman. He's come out of the pot and and I said "Oh I don't know what that is. Lish do you know what that is?'

"She was like 'Oh I don't know what that is'. Then Jonathan Davies goes 'Don't worry girls I got you'.

"So Norman is now in our house and in the Principality Stadium. But then at this point I don't know now what to say. I'm like. It's not.. It's not.."

All a little bit awkward.