I walked into theatre for a routine operation but I never walked again

A mum-of-two has been left wheelchair bound after a routine pelvic operation left her unable to walk ever since.

Fiona Hubbard, 52, from Beverley, underwent pelvic surgery in 2019 after struggling since the birth of her children with pain. She was referred for an operation to fuse her pelvis and alleviate her pain at Leeds General Hospital, Fiona was initially told there was a waiting list so she was surprised when she got a call that their had been a cancellation.

She knew that following the surgery she would have to relearn to walk and was prepared for the rehabilitation period. But, sadly, Fiona "walked into the operating theatre and never walked again". Now, five years on, Fiona is completely wheelchair bound, every day tasks such as showering are incredible difficult for her and due to a lack of facilities at home she is forced to use the local leisure centre just to have a wash.

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She believes that vital steps in her rehabilitation period were missed due to the coronavirus pandemic. She claims that the operation "ruined her life" and she wishes she never had it done. Fiona says she has been left severely depressed by what happened to her and some days she "struggles to get out of bed".

Fiona said: "Before the surgery everything was normal, at the time my son was 5 and my daughter had just turned 8, they were at primary school, I was working, everything was fine. I'd been having some pelvic pain for a while, made worse after having children and I knew I needed an operation to alleviate the pain. I was on the waiting and list and got a call to say there had been a cancellation.

"I was relieved and looking forward to being pain free but rather than helping me out it completely ruined my life. For three months after the surgery I couldn't walk and I knew I had to learn to walk again but by six months I realised it wasn't happening.

"Then covid hit, my first physio referral didn't go through, I missed countless vital appointments in that time, hydrotherapy pools were closed, all of these things could have made the difference.

"Since my surgery everything has changed, I am a full time wheelchair user now, still quite a lot unknown, nobody knows what happened or a reason for why I have ended up in this position, it's still unclear. I walked into the operating theatre and never walk again, I can't seem to get another surgeon to give me a second opinion. I'm still trying to get some answers, investigations are ongoing - doctors are trying to rule out motor neurone disease and cancer.

"Life has never been the same, it's hard to put into words the affect it has had, not only on me, but my children and whole family too. My children shouldn't have had to deal with any of this, they are just kids, they're 13 and 10 now.

"I haven't been upstairs in my own house since my operation, I have an inflatable bath but it's really difficult for my husband to get me in and out so I've resorted to using the local leisure centre for their disability facilities just to have a shower. I don't have the facilities at home that I need. I had to have a catheter put in just to stop me from wetting myself."

Dr John Adams, Medical Director, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust: “We are truly sorry to hear about the difficulties Mrs Hubbard is experiencing. Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone. There are risks with every surgical procedure and patients are informed of these risks. We are co-operating fully with the enquiries her solicitors are undertaking on her behalf.”

Fiona's close friend Neha Burman has set up a Go Fund Me for Fiona in hopes to raise enough money to get private treatment as well as pay for an accessible bathroom in her home. Neha penned: "This very brave woman who never complains and never wallows in self pity who will do anything for her children. I ask you to imagine yourself in her situation not being able to move or accomplish simple tasks like self hygiene.

"To be always dependent on others and to not know what is wrong or if it can change. Imagine not being able to have a wash in your own house. To deal with the ignorance of others who cannot even understand her suffering and having to beg them to make decisions for her well being.

"This page is so that Fiona can have a miracle in her life . So that she can get private treatment and pay for the construction for an outdoor accessible bathroom so that she realizes how loved she is by the universe . Because we all are and it could have been any of us on her situation." The target is set at £50,000 and so far Neha has managed to raise £5,000 towards helping Fiona. You can donate to the Go Fund Me, here.

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