Walkers axes crisp flavour because it was 'not as popular as hoped'

Walkers has axed a popular crisp flavour due to a lack of a popularity. The Streetmix brand had included flavours based on cities, such as Bangkok, Mumbai and Mexico City but it has been axed by the Leicestershire based crisp maker.

One fan, Bobby, asked Walkers on X, formerly Twitter, if they had discontinued the Sensations Streetmix range. A spokesman for the company replied: "Hi Bobby, we no longer make them. Sadly they weren’t as popular as we hoped."

The Sensations website describes the range as being a "multi texture, multi flavour adventure into exciting tastes from around the world". The description continues: "Each mix has carefully selected bite-size ingredients inspired by world street markets, for a delicious combination of taste and texture."

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Walkers adds: "To make Sensations potato chips, we start by carefully selecting the best potatoes. Then we cut them a little thicker for a satisfying crunch, and then season with delicious combinations of flavours inspired from around the world for sensational taste."

And an Asda product description adds: "Excite your senses with a delicious snack that combines flavours, aromas and textures inspired by the world-famous street food of Mexico City. Sensations Mexico City Streetmix contain tortilla sticks, Mexican style nuts, roasted salted beans and chilli crackers

"Enjoy paired with your drink of choice as the perfect aperitif or serve with Sensations Crisps and Peanuts for the perfect party snack platter. Suitable for vegetarians." Walkers recently launched a number of new crisp flavours in better news for fans.

In February the crisp giant added two new flavours to its Sensations range - Mature Cheddar and Chilli Chutney and Crushed Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn. And the crisp chain moved again in March when it also released a brand new Extra Flamin Hot Crunchy Wotsits in stores across the UK.