'The Walking Dead': The best cosplays of your favorite characters

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

To celebrate the Oct. 22 Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead — the series’ 100th episode — Yahoo TV will be posting a new TWD-related story every day through the season opener.

Walking Dead fans are no joke when it comes to cosplay.

The legion of admirers who follow the zombie drama could give a master class on how to dress up like the characters. At various comic conventions, gatherings, and parties, they sport Rick’s sheriff’s hat, rock Negan’s black leather jacket with red bandanna (and, of course, carry a version of Lucille), and wield a faux katana to be like Michonne.

Sometimes the cosplay costumes are so good, it’s creepy. There are a lot of look-alikes out there who may have been separated at birth from Andrew Lincoln or Michael Cudlitz. And, of course, who doesn’t love kids and babies dressed up like adults?

Here’s a look at some of the best Walking Dead cosplayers out there.

Cat Daryl Dixon
Just put this kitty on a motorcycle, and it could totally sub in for Norman Reedus.


Mini Negan with Steven Yeun
Steven Yeun’s character, Glenn, may have been brutally killed by Negan, but how could he get mad at this incredibly cute kid version?


Admit it, Andrew Lincoln — was that you mingling on the convention floor with fans?

Photo: Reddit

Michael Cudlitz does not have a twin (we checked), but this cosplayer is basically his doppelgänger.


Lucille scene
This group of cosplayers gets extreme in a re-creation of the scene in which Negan eeny-meeny-miny-moes Rick and the gang.


The caption on this cosplay portrait says it all: “You just got Mich-OWNED.”


Beth at the prison
This fan got to tour some of the show’s sets and took this contemplative pic as Beth in the prison.


How did this guy get third place in a costume contest? Give Dwight a gold medal.


The scarf over the lower part of the face is a nice touch to play Jesus.


Carol and Daryl
These two stone-cold killers look ready to pounce on a lot of walkers as Carol and Daryl.


This kid rocks an eyepatch with style as Carl Grimes.


Not only does this cosplayer get her Rosita outfit right (shorts, crop top), but she also wears the perfect Rosita expression on her face (highly annoyed with zombies).


Dad as Rick, daughter as Rosita, son as Negan — cosplay runs in the family!


This trio of walkers looks so realistic, it’s scary. Run!


Glenn and Maggie
The cutest cosplay couple have each other’s backs as Glenn and Maggie. “I will find you!”


The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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