‘The Walking Dead’ Jadis Actor Discusses Rumored Ties to Alpha

The Walking Dead fans witnessed a seismic shift for Scavenger leader Jadis in episode 10, and those events got the wheels of speculation turning faster than ever.

The truest of walker stalkers have long wondered about Jadis’ possible ties to comic villain Alpha, and Pollyanna McIntosh wants to set the record straight. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, she offered as much closure as you could possibly hope for when discussing one of the most secretive shows on television.

SPOILERS follow this break, so stop reading if you don’t want to know the truth about this long-running theory.

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Now that her entire community has been wiped out, does Jadis eventually transform into the iconic villain Alpha, who gives Rick Grimes trouble in later issues of The Walking Dead comic? According to McIntosh, the answer is a definitive no.

“She’s been brought up by the fans on those funny sites since I got cast, before we even shot a second of it or anyone had seen a script. People really love that character and they are excited to see her and I’d be honored for it to be me,” she said. “But, no, [the showrunners have] said publicly and to me, ‘It’s a completely different thing. It’s not you.’ And I say, ‘Fine, okay.’”

The Walking Dead Jadis fear
The Walking Dead Jadis fear

Jadis seems pretty frail now, but will she rise up to become a devastating enemy? Gene Page/AMC

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Even though her separate fate is established, McIntosh fully trusts the team at AMC to do Alpha justice in the future. If Alpha isn’t secretly buried in the heart of Jadis, she assumes the role will be taken on by an equally talented co-star. “For me, it’s like which is better? Which is more exciting: to add another great woman to the cast of characters, or to get to do it myself? I don’t honestly know,” the actress mused.

In the comics, Alpha is the next main villain Rick and his Alexandria clan will confront after the war with the Saviors. In contrast to Negan’s brash behavior, Alpha is a deep and cold survivalist who’s almost entirely detached from all human emotion. Her nomadic tribe, called the Whisperers, adopts a primal mindset, and has an exceptionally unique use for walker corpses. Just like Negan, Alpha is the presumed architect behind some of the most shocking deaths the show may ever see.

So, while solemn survivalist tendencies may link Jadis and Alpha, the two characters are completely separate beings. Still, the possibility remains for Jadis to eventually find a home amongst Alpha’s crew. The comics never really offer a true origin story for the Whispers, so maybe The Walking Dead TV adaptation will tell us more.

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

Are you disappointed Jadis won’t eventually become Alpha? Will she still have ties to the Whisperers anyway? Tell us in the comments section!

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