The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10: Who are Jadis and the Scavengers?

The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead season seven ended with a mysterious group of ominous weapon-wielding individuals surrounding Rick Grimes and co after seizing Father Gabriel in the opening scene.

Who this group is, however, remained a mystery - but the show's latest episode, titled 'New Best Friends,' revealed just that - and it turns out it's a completely new creation altogether having never featured in Robert Kirkman's graphic novels the show takes inspiration from.

The leader of the faction is a woman named Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), a stone-cold warrior with more than a touch of the Mad Max about her. Located within what looks to be a scrapheap junkyard, the group - who McIntosh herself refers to as The Heapsters (the fan community seem to have settled on The Scavengers) - don't appear to be too friendly when Rick initially pleads with them to join him in his war against Negan and The Saviours.

In many ways, this group could be considered to be scavengers, taking whatever they can get their hands on without associating with any other surrounding faction. They even appear to have a mantra: “We take - we don't bother.”

It's confirmed that they encountered our group after Rick and Aaron came across the boat in the season six finale - Jadis reveals they had waited for a long time for someone else to sail across the lake to the island with the weapons - and now they want what they're owed.

After 'auditioning' Rick (by throwing him into a pit with a walker who was someone named Winslow), Jadis agrees to help our group in their upcoming war against The Saviours.

It's uncertain how they'll function in alongside other colonies - Hilltop, The Kingdom or even Oceanside - but it's an exciting prospect for a series to throw into the mix a group comprised of hundreds for what could well be the greatest TV showdown of all time.

These were the episode's five major talking points.

The Walking Dead airs in the UK tonight at 9pm on FOX. You can watch the trailer for next week's Negan-centric episode, which catches up with Eugene as his prisoner, here.