The Walking Dead season 7 finale episode: The 5 characters who might die

Jacob Stolworthy

This weekend sees the dreaded finale of The Walking Dead season seven and, this being the show we know, someone is going to perish in an awful way,

The episode looks to finally unite all the different communities for the war against The Saviours after a season of build up which undoubtedly means that all cast members will feature in the same outing for the first time since last season.

It also means the playing field is evened out - anybody could go. Below are the five most likely candidates to meet their demise this weekend. Who knows - there may be even two (lest we forget the traumatic season opener).

Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green)

Things are not looking good for Sasha. Last time we saw her, she was imprisoned in a cell at the Sanctuary having just been handed a suicide pill by Eugene, determined to kill herself before being used by Negan to hurt her friends. Whichever way things go down, it's tough to see poor Sasha getting out of the finale alive - especially considering Sonequa Martin-Green has been cast as the lead in new TV series Star Trek Discovery. Say your goodbyes.

Eugene (Josh McDermitt)

Eugene turned his back on his fellow Alexandrians earlier this season, so he's most certainly higher up on the list of people who deserve to perish. Not that we'd like to see it; Eugene joined forces with The Saviours out of nothing but cold hard fear of Negan. He'll no doubt be put to use in whatever horrible plan Negan has in store for Alexandria, especially if he discovers he gave Sasha the poison,. That, and he's in David Lynch's upcoming Twin Peaks revival.

Gregory (Xander Berkeley)

In Gregory, we have another coward on our hands - and one who goes out of his way to abate The Saviours so readily seems destined for the most gruesome of deaths. Currently, it seems like old Gregory is on his way to the Sanctuary to - as promised - fill Simon (Steven Ogg) in on the shenanigans the Hilltop Colony and surrounding communities are planning for The Saviours. This could completely backfire on him. He could also be used to scupper Rick's plan - this man hasbeen the Hilltop leader for some time now so will undoubtedly have people who'd be sad to see him go.

Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos)

It'd be one hell of a shocking turnaround should Rosita bite the bullet especially after being handed a lifeline by Sasha a few weeks back when the latter locked her out of their plans to assassinate Negan. Rosita is still feeling grief over Abraham's murder and is completely plagued with guilt over what happened to Olivia so she'll be gunning for The Saviours more than anyone when the ultimate showdown arises. And let's not forget, she damaged Lucille - Negan most certainly won't forget that soon.

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Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride)

Following a brush with death this time last year, Carol's been relatively out of the line of fire for an entire season - rare for a character who is usually unafraid to get her hands dirty. It seems she's now on board with Ezekiel's plan to go into battle against The Saviours so she's going to thrust herself right back into it. This season opened with the death of an original cast member - perhaps things will come full circle and rid itself of another. It's tough to see Rick, Carl and Daryl going at this stage which would leave Carol. Please no.

The Walking Dead concludes its seventh season this Sunday (2 April) and the following evening in the UK (3 April) at 9pm on FOX.