The Walking Dead season 7: New cast member Pollyanna McIntosh on The Scavengers' leader, Jadis

The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead saw Rick and company meet a mystery new group and in the most recent episode, 'New Best Friends,' we met their leader, Jadis, played by Scottish actor Pollyanna McIntosh.

Following the episode, McIntosh spoke to Variety about the deal her character makes with Rick who succeeds in recruiting the faction in his war against Negan.

When asked why her group - who are being deemed both The Heapsters and The Scavengers - are so hostile to begin with, McIntosh said: “I think everybody has to be menacing at this point. It’s a dangerous world. We’re keeping our cards close to our chest, and I as an actor on the show have to keep my cards very close to my chest about where this can go.

"I definitely don’t see myself, as Jadis, as a villain at all. I’m a survivor and a leader, and I’ve taken pretty good care of this group. And I think she’s done a pretty good job when you see the size of it.”

Comparing her playful interaction with Rick in the Mad Max-inspired scenes, she continued: : "...I definitely see him as someone that I may have met my match with, both for what he can do and how he’s got a sense of humour about it. That lovely bargaining scene that we have together was really cementing the playfulness of her and him. I think Jadis really enjoys the dealing part of it. And Rick is somebody who stands up for himself and knows when to let go.

"I think Jadis is excited to be going forward with these guys.

You can read our review of the episode - which featured an emotional reunion between two of the show's original characters - here. The trailer for next week's Negan-centric episode, 'Hostiles and Calamities,' has been released showing Eugene as The Saviours' prisoner.

The series continues in the US this Sunday (26 February) with its UK premiere arriving the following evening at 9pm on FOX.