The Walking Dead showrunner clears up much-derided season one plot hole over a decade later

The Walking Dead showrunner clears up much-derided season one plot hole over a decade later

The Walking Dead’s final season will clear up a much-talked about plot hole from series one.

The remaining eight episodes of the show’s eleventh season will be released in October.

According to showrunners, the series will finally address one of its most derided zombie-related plot holes from over 10 years ago.

Season one of the show – centring on Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes – debuted on AMC in 2010 and went on to become a hit among viewers.

Fans, however, pointed out a plot hole in the first series when the zombies (also known as walkers) were seen demonstrating skills not seen in later seasons, such as climbing ladders and smashing doors with rocks.

The fact that this type of walker was not featured in future seasons led many viewers to believe their inclusion in season one was a mistake.

During the Walking Dead panel last month at San Diego Comic-Con, showrunner Angela Kang and the cast were asked about a new “breed” of walker that was teased in the trailer for the new episodes.

In the clip, which debuted at Comic Con, Aaron (Ross Marquand) said that he had heard stories of walkers that could climb walls and open doors. The trailer then shows a zombie climbing over a fence.

 (Gene Page/AMC)
(Gene Page/AMC)

Kang said that the new walkers will have ties to those shown in the first season.

“I think with the walkers, in some ways it’s a throwback to some walkers we saw back in the very, very first season of The Walking Dead, but not everybody ever encountered those walkers,” Kang told the press, per Insider. “It’s almost like it was a variant that just was regional.”

It is therefore expected that the final run of episodes will reintroduce this faster species of zombie.

Elsewhere at Comic-Con, it was revealed that a spin-off series centred around Rick Grimes (played by Lincoln) and Michonne Hawthorne (Danai Guirira) is in the works.