Wall collapse destroys £340000 worth of luxury cars

17 vehicles, including a Rolls-Royce Ghost, were severely damaged when a wall of an abandoned factory collapsed in Xi'an, northern China. The vehicles belonged to a car rental company and a used car dealership located in the factory. The two companies estimate their losses to be nearly 3 million yuan (£340,000), with the rental company suffering the most damage. The majority of the Rolls-Royce Ghost's body was crushed by falling bricks, with the A, B, and C pillars bent to varying degrees and the left rear tire missing. The rental company's owner, Zhou Shaolong, said that the car's suspension system had also been damaged and that several experts had concluded that it had reached the end of its useful life. The collapsed wall was one of the exterior walls of the abandoned factory building, which still has three other intact walls. The wall was approximately 10 meters high, 30 meters wide, and 20 centimeters thick. The cause of the wall's collapse is currently under investigation. Zhou said that there was no significant wind before the incident, and he has not yet identified who is responsible for the damages as the vehicles were uninsured. The video was filmed on on April 28th and provided with local media’s permission.