Walmart & Anthem strike deal, Apple pulls certain apps, Netflix tests promos

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

Walmart is striking a big deal with health insurer Anthem. Starting next January, consumers in Anthem’s Medicare plans will be able to use a built-in allowance to buy over-the-counter medications at Walmart stores. Anthem says the goal is to cut health costs for seniors and those on a fixed-income.

Apple is cracking down on illegal apps in China. The company says it’s pulled gambling apps from the app store, amid a backlash from state-run media.  CCTV reported some 25,000 illegal gambling apps were removed. Apple says it’s quote “vigilant” in policing illegal activity in the app store.

Netflix wants to do some promoting, as you binge on some of its shows. The company tells Ars Technica, it’s testing video ads for its other shows in between episodes. Netflix says it may help users discover other series they might enjoy. But officials insist it won’t be used to play commercials and that the ads are skippable.

Looks like the Saudis may be turning to a Tesla rival for their next investment. Reuters says the country’s sovereign wealth fund is in talks to invest upwards of $1B in Lucid Motors. That’s an electric car company based near Silicon Valley. It has yet to sell any vehicles, and sources tell Reuters the deal is not done yet.