Walmart Is Dropping Easter Prices to Pre-Inflation Levels

They’re even lower than they were last year.



Walmart did it last summer. They did it for our Thanksgiving feasts. Now, they’re doing it for our Easter meals. Walmart is dropping the prices of commonly served Easter recipes to pre-inflation levels, when going to the grocery store didn’t cause us all such sticker shock.

The superstore reports that 65% of its customers say that the high price of food due to inflation will harm their Easter celebrations this year, specifically the foods that go on the table during that weekend, including eggs—those household staples with a price tag that went super high over the past few years, dipped down at the end of last year, and is now rising again.

Walmart’s Pre-Inflation Price Easter Meal



Walmart hasn’t provided specific details on the recent price reductions for the following items or indicated their pre-inflation prices. However, the company states that shoppers can now purchase an entire Easter meal, feeding up to 10 people, for less than $8 per person. Additionally, Walmart assures us that the current prices are lower than last year's. This meal, available for online ordering or in-store purchase, includes:

  • Sam’s Choice Bone-In Spiral-Cut Ham

  • Canned Dole Pineapple Slices

  • Great Value Brown and Serve White Dinner Rolls

  • Market Caesar Salad Kit, Family Size

  • Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Fresh Corn on the Cob

  • Great Value Frozen Green Beans

  • Marketside Cage-Free Large Brown Eggs, 18 Count

  • Great Value Paprika

  • Great Value Mayonnaise

  • Great Value Mustard

  • Marie Callender's Dutch Apple Pie Frozen Dessert

  • Freshness Guaranteed, Vanilla, Dessert Shells

  • Great Value Whole Frozen Strawberries

  • Great Value Frozen Whipped Topping

With this cart load, you'll be able to serve a traditional ham dinner with tasty sides, plus a premade apple pie dessert, ingredients to make shortcut strawberry shortcakes, and more. If you’re wondering what paprika is doing in that list, we suspect it’s meant to be sprinkled on top of deviled eggs, which you need the mayo and mustard to make also.

But that's not all Walmart has to offer this Easter.

Walmart’s Pre-Inflation Gift Basket Full of Goodies



Walmart is also offering an Easter basket and things to fill it at what it says is pre-inflation pricing, all for less than $20. That basket includes.

  • Easter White Bunny Ear Headband

  • Easter Plastic Light-Up Pink Duck Tumbler with Straw,

  • Easter Message Pouch, Pink Smiley Face

  • Easter Pink Jelly Tote Basket

  • M&M's Milk Chocolate Pastel Blend Easter Candy Bunny Cane, 3-ounce

Like the Easter meal, the basket full of goodies can be ordered online or bought in the store.

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