Walton Goggins On The Incredible Amount Of Time It Took For Him To Turn Into The Ghoul For Fallout: ‘It Was Like Getting Into A Ferrari’

 Walton Goggins' The Ghoul holding tranquilizer needle in Fallout.
Walton Goggins' The Ghoul holding tranquilizer needle in Fallout.

Even though the debut of Amazon’s Fallout series took place a little while ago on the 2024 TV schedule, there’s still plenty to discuss in the wake of Prime Video’s explosive hit. And as the wait for Fallout Season 2 begins, part of the discussion keeps circling back to the impressive makeup done to transform Walton Goggins’ handsome actor Cooper Howard into the wasteland anti-hero simply known as “The Ghoul.”

The man himself is contributing to that conversation yet again, comparing the makeup experience of this Bethesda games adaptation to getting into a Ferrari. At least, that’s what his chat with The Independent seemed to imply, with his full remarks reading thusly:

Once I got it on, it was like getting into a Ferrari. You’re like, how fast can this go? What are the limitations of it? I can’t fit a lot of groceries in a fucking Ferrari, you know.

In order to make Goggins fit The Ghoul’s “melted candle” description, the process described in the interview was clocked in between the range of “under two” and five hours of prosthetic work. Even for a mere facial appliance, that's a pretty admirable amount of evolution when it comes to the timeframe at work.

Naturally, the process started at the higher end, and gradually it improved in its efficiency. This makes sense as this process aligns with the stories we’ve heard from actors who have spent hours going through full-body transformations, like Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn, who both played the role of Mystique in the X-Men movies. So, the resulting prosthetic makeup Ferrari, while leading to an incident where Walton Goggins scared himself after a nap while wearing the makeup, was definitely worth the effort.

And as far as packing any sort of performance and emotional “groceries” into this hot rod are concerned, judging by the feedback and the following Goggins’ Ghoul has acquired, the ride definitely handles to an impressive degree. Not only are some fans thirsting over Walton as The Ghoul, but the emotional through-line between his pre and post-bomb personas is an effective study in contrast.

One has to wonder how Fallout’s makeup game will be stepped up in Season 2. Not to mention, there’s also the question of whether Walton Goggins’ time in the chair will stay under two hours in the beginning, or if it’ll be a process that either spends more or less time on that very enterprise. Whatever may happen, at the current moment Fallout is doing rather well for itself (I mean it is one of Amazon Prime's best shows); and Walton certainly seems game for whatever he'll be put through in the next round of irradiated entertainment.

If you have a Prime Video subscription, you can jump back into the Wasteland, or freshly take that journey for yourself. So be sure to keep your Stimpaks replenished, your Rad-X at the ready, and your dial tuned to CinemaBlend. We’re radio-free wasteland, and we’re here, for you.