Walton Goggins Reveals The Scene That Really Sold Him On Fallout Season 1: 'It Was Terrifying'

 Walton Goggins' The Ghoul inside old house in Fallout.
Walton Goggins' The Ghoul inside old house in Fallout.

In the desolate and unpredictable world of video game adaptations, actors are often attracted or deterred by factors like the script, the director, or the development of a character. For Walton Goggins, it was a particularly compelling scene in Amazon's adaptation of Fallout— one of the most significant video game series adaptations on the 2024 TV schedule and perhaps in history — that sold him on the show. This scene not only terrified him, but it also captured the emotional intensity and harsh realities of a world facing destruction, convincing him of the project's merit.

The First Scene Of The Show Terrified The Ghoul Actor

In the latest video game adaptation by Amazon Studios, Walton portrays a very complicated guy known as the Ghoul. Initially introduced as a divorced father and actor, his character undergoes a dramatic transformation into the noseless, swaggering cowboy of the Wasteland.

The pivotal scene introducing him before the transformation is what opens the show, as we see the Hateful 8 star’s character perform a rope trick at a children's birthday party before witnessing the bombs being dropped. In a video on Amazon Prime Video’s official Instagram account, the Hateful 8 star shared his thoughts on the scene:

This is my favorite scene from episode one. We pick up this scene when he is doing this rope trick and performing. Here is this–this movie star performing at a children’s birthday party. The ending is what surprised me the most. I knew that this was going to be the scene where we were going to reveal the dropping of the bombs. Obviously, we didn’t drop the bombs on the day [of the shoot], but in my own mind, I was seeing it happen. And I was there with my daughter. It was terrifying. And in some ways, Cooper gets to have that reaction for all of humanity.

It's easy to see why fans are so excited about Fallout, particularly with the Justified alum in a leading role. The enthusiasm around his performance has skyrocketed, especially after the huge response Walton Goggins' SXSW appearance received and the overwhelming reaction to the viral first trailer.

Thankfully, the captivating opening scene drew the Predators actor to the project. His involvement has undoubtedly shaped the show into what it is today, enhancing its appeal and success.

The Future of 'Fallout' And Other Video Game Adaptations

Viewers have enthusiastically embraced this post-apocalyptic series. Its appeal spans both long-time franchise enthusiasts and new fans who appreciate its atmosphere that is comparable to HBO’s own video game outing, The Last Of Us. Its early Fallout's renewal for a second season shows the series' success. The season finale, which we broke down, laid the groundwork for future storylines, so here is hoping that the show can maintain the high standards set by the beloved video game franchise. This success might also encourage studios to develop more adaptations of video games into movies and TV shows.

One thing is certain: the series' decision to focus on deep, personal stories against the backdrop of societal collapse while maintaining the tone and style of the video game resonates with Goggins and the audience. This is a lesson anyone adapting video games in the future should adhere to moving forward.

Catch Walton Goggins in one of his most iconic roles to date, Fallout, now streaming for anyone with an Amazon Prime Subscription.