WandaVision episode 3 ending lines up new Avengers film

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 (Marvel Studios)
(Marvel Studios)

The latest episode of WandaVision seems to have lined up a future Avengers film.

Disney+ released the third instalment of its first Marvel series today (22 January), and it revealed a few more tantalising details about the sitcom world Scarlet Witch seems to have created for herself.

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

Now in colour, the series picks up with the revelation that Wanda is pregnant – and the episode shows her unborn baby growing at quick-speed culminating in her giving birth to twins at the end.

Readers of the Marvel comics will immediately recognise the names she chose for her children: Tommy and Billy.

These are Wanda and Vision’s children who inspired the “House of M” storyline this series is taking its cues from.

The story goes that Scarlet Witch alters the fabric of reality after suffering a mental breakdown due to losing them. The children, who were conceived using magic, are taken from Wanda by a villain named Mephisto; it turns out their souls were fragments of his.

Wanda then has her memory wiped so she has no idea she even had children – that is until years later, when she finds out and goes on a rampage, creating her own world in order to bring them back.

In the comics, Tommy and Billy grow up to become the superheroes Speed and Wiccan. Crucially, they become estranged, but both become members of the Young Avengers.

Their addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is further proof that studio boss Kevin Feige could be lining up a Young Avengers film.

The addition of Scarlet Witch’s children could be very important for the MCUMarvel Studios
The addition of Scarlet Witch’s children could be very important for the MCUMarvel Studios

Other characters in this team include Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie Lang, Iron Lad and Kate Bishop, who will be introduced in the forthcoming Hawkeye series.

How the series will deal with the addition of Tommy and Billy remains to be seen, but it’s no stretch to assume they will feature at some point in the future – especially considering the MCU has introduced the Multiverse (a series of alternate worlds featuring characters, old and new).

This reveal comes days after Feige teased a possible new Avengers film.

WandaVision continues Fridays on Disney+.

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