'WandaVision' finale: The Darkhold could be the missing book from 'Doctor Strange'

The Darkhold could link "WandaVision" and "Doctor Strange." Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Disney Platform Distribution
  • WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the "WandaVision" season finale.

  • The Darkhold book that Agatha uses to explain the Scarlet Witch is an ancient tome of spells.

  • The book could actually be the missing book from the Kamar-Taj library in "Doctor Strange."

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The Darkhold book could well be the thing that connects "WandaVision" and "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." Agatha Harkness uses the mysterious, magical book in the "WandaVision" finale, but it could actually be the missing book from 2016's "Doctor Strange."

The Darkhold is an ancient book of spells and power that is also known as the Book of the Damned, the Book of Spells, and the Book of Sins. It was created in the Dark Dimension, which is the same dimension Doctor Strange faces off against Dormammu in 2016's "Doctor Strange."

The book has appeared multiple times in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D," but it first appeared in "WandaVision" in season eight in Agatha's basement. In the "WandaVision" finale, Agatha uses the book to explain to Wanda who the Scarlet Witch is - that the Scarlet Witch is not born, but forged.

The book has an entire chapter on the Scarlet Witch and also tells its readers how to create certain things by drawing energy from other dimensions, such as when Joseph Bauer created the Quantum Particle Generator in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." This tome is also how Agatha has been casting spells in Westview throughout the entire season of "WandaVision."

WandaVision darkhold 2
The Darkhold has an entire chapter on the Scarlet Witch. Disney Platform Distribution

In a scene in "Doctor Strange," Wong takes Strange into the Masters' section of the Kamar-Taj library and explains that the villainous Kaecilius stole pages from one of the books.

However, in the same row of books, which are reserved just for the Sorcerer Supreme, aka the Ancient One, there is clearly one book missing. Wong explains that "no knowledge is forbidden" in Kamar-Taj, "only certain practices."

The missing book in "Doctor Strange" could be the Darkhold. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The practices found in the Darkhold certainly seem like those that would be forbidden, so it would make perfect sense if the Darkhold was originally in this spot in the library. Like the book that Kaecilius uses in the movie to summon the Dark Dimension and Dormammu, it is clearly dangerous.

There is no mention of the Darkhold in the movie, but in the second end credits scene in the "WandaVision" finale, we see Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda studying the Darkhold in astral form - very similar to how Strange studied in "Doctor Strange."

WandaVision wanda darkhold
Wanda studying the Darkhold in her astral form. Disney Platform Distribution
Doctor Strange astral projection 2
Doctor Strange studying tomes in his astral form. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

At the end of the clip, Wanda hears cries of help from her children, who sound like they are trapped somewhere, hinting that they may be alive in another world or dimension.

Olsen herself said that the "Doctor Strange" sequel is "a complete tee up for [her] character."

The synopsis for the "Doctor Strange" sequel supports that too: "Dr Stephen Strange's continuing research on the Time Stone is hindered by a friend-turned-enemy, resulting in Strange unleashing unspeakable evil."

Perhaps it is Wanda who is the "old friend-turned-enemy" instead of the theorized Karl Mordo, the friend and fellow sorcerer of Strange in the first movie who turns into a villain in the end credits scene.

Furthermore, in the "WandaVision" finale, Agatha tells Wanda that the Scarlet Witch's power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme and that it is her "destiny to destroy the world." This suggests she could be destined to become a villain, and Strange may be the only one powerful enough to stop her.

The M&B logo could be a reference to Mephisto and Blackheart. Disney Platform Distribution

Meanwhile, the "unspeakable evil" mentioned in the synopsis could well be the one and only Mephisto, who many speculated was the big bad guy in "WandaVision." That would also make sense because Mephisto actually held the Darkhold in the comics and used it to trap someone within its pages. Notice the M&B logo at the top of that image. That could well be a reference to Mephisto and his son Blackheart.

It could be possible that Wanda and/or Strange unleash Mephisto using the Darkhold while Wanda tries to find her children. Whatever the case, it looks like this book will be key to linking "WandaVision" and "In the Multiverse of Madness," and unveiling the multiverse in the MCU at long last.

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