Wanna help the world? Don’t buy these things at Christmas

Staff writer

According to the Independent Newspaper, Brits will spend an eye-watering £19bn on presents and a whopping £4.9bn on nights out this Christmas. And it's not hard to see, that all that splurging won't just be hitting our wallets - but the environment too.

So if you want to have a greener Christmas this year without being a Grinch, then don't worry - these three simple steps will leave you full of festive goodwill.

Avoid using disposable cups and packaging, either on a night out or when buying gifts. Twenty thousand disposable cups are thrown away every hour at Berlin's Christmas markets alone.

Two people with ugly Christmas sweaters laughing in front of tree

Second, avoid buying that Christmas jumper, T-shirt or new party dress. Fast fashion has become one of the biggest environmental challenges of 2019 - with clothing often dumped in landfills releasing toxic chemicals as they slowly decompose.

And finally, don't forget that a 'pet is for life, not just for Christmas'. Despite the advertising blitz by charities since the late 70s, people are still prone to buying their loved ones puppies and kittens.

All of Britain's animal charities report that numbers of abandoned animals climbs just after the festive season.