Want to dance more? Just follow our lead

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I couldn’t agree more with John Harris (In an isolated world, humans need to dance together more than ever – but we’re running out of places to do it, 19 March). I’m 67 and constantly moan about never having the chance to dance. Rare parties usually end in disappointment as the music’s never quite right for me. Nightclubs? Forget it. I’m in bed before they even open their doors. So every few months, in a local village hall, we organise an event called Chance2dance4charity.

My dance teacher provides the music, we bring refreshments and the proceeds are split between my favourite charity, Amnesty, and a different local charity each time. We dance for two hours to Motown, soul, rock, pop, reggae, bellydance, salsa – you name it. We have a whale of a time and are safely home by 10pm. And my favourite tracks are always on the playlist. Result.
Sue Bingham
Reading, Berkshire

• Losing spaces for clubbing also affects many other forms of dance, including ballroom or folk. Often, venues are limited to church and village halls, and hiring them can be prohibitively expensive.
Dave Mcglade

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