The Wanted will be a part of Tom Parker's kids' lives

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Photo credit: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Photo credit: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Kelsey Parker has revealed that her late husband Tom Parker's bandmates from The Wanted will be involved in the couple's kids' life going forward.

The father of two tragically passed away on March 30 following a tough 18-month battle with terminal brain cancer – he had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour back in September 2020.

Speaking to the The Sun, Kelsey disclosed the boyband singer hadn't been in "any pain" in his final moments, saying: "It was still beautiful until the very end. It was just us and there was so much love in that room."

Photo credit: Gareth Cattermole - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gareth Cattermole - Getty Images

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She also revealed that Parker's four bandmates' role in her life would not be ending any time soon, as they will play a major role in raising her children Aurelia and Bodhi.

The Wanted members had also been a big part of the singer's funeral, taking up the responsibility of carrying his coffin.

"They're a massive part of our lives and always have been," said Kelsey. "They are role models for the kids too, so I want them to come over and have their input in their lives and to tell them stories about their dad."

Photo credit: James Shaw/Shutterstock
Photo credit: James Shaw/Shutterstock

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Jay McGuiness had also stayed at the Parkers' home in the days leading up to Tom's passing, helping with the kids as Kelsey made the most of her last moments with her husband.

She added: "They know stories I don't know. Bodhi's going to want to know the stories. He is going to ask, 'What did my dad get up to on the tour bus?' and he'll be able to ask them when he's older.

"They will always be there for us."

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