Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is back on ITV and there are new rules


This Bank Holiday weekend sees the anticipated return of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? on ITV1.

The biggest news – besides a brand new series coming back to the small screen – is that former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is the new host of the show.

Replacing Chris Tarrant after it was first rumoured that he’d front the rebooted show back in February. After the controversial star, 57, confirmed the news himself in early March, talk then switched to what new features and formatting would accompany the 2018 version, having been off television for four years.

The format, if you can remember it, is pretty similar. A series of 15 multiple choice questions that start on £100 and go all the way to £1 million.

Along the way, contestants have something of a helping hand, in the shape of 50/50, phone a friend, or ask the audience. However, there’s now an additional option: Ask the host.


When people on the programme reach a certain milestone – previously it’s been at the £1,000 and £32,000 points where, even if they get the following question wrong, they will go home with either aforementioned amount.

Now, there’s a twist. Contestants now have the power to set their own safety net, meaning if they reach any other amount and wish to call it a day, they can take the amount of cash they’re on even if they get the question wrong.

Setting one’s own safety net

WWTBAM? ran for 16 years, between 1998 and 2014, where Tarrant presented for its entirety. With Clarkson and tweaks to the show in place, the new series will air ahead of its 20th birthday.

Catch WWTBAM? this Saturday, 9.15pm, on ITV1 and continue throughout the week, concluding on Friday, 11 May.

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