War of the Roses: Wrestling Roos Wreck Queensland Woman's Flowers

A pair of kangaroos did not hold back as they came to blows in the garden of a Queensland woman’s home recently.

Footage by Lou Bailey shows the feisty roos wrestling in her backyard, knocking into her rose bushes as they duke it out.

“It was 5 am and I was laying in my bed when I heard an almighty band,” Bailey told Storyful. “There was some grunting, struggling, heavy breathing and wire pinging.”

Bailey looked out to find the two kangaroos destroying the fence she had fixed three days before the feisty visit. “I was so proud to have it all standing straight,” she lamented.

“It was only yesterday that I went and fed them, talked to them. I looked at the buds, there were several gorgeous blossoms… a very short utopia. The fight took place right in them, roses were splattered everywhere.”

The aggressive battle appeared to come to an abrupt end when the pair stopped and bounced off into the distance without a clear winner.

“The girl they were fighting over wasn’t even watching,” Bailey said. “Men are so jumpy.” Credit: Lou Bailey via Storyful

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