How the war in Ukraine could change Central and Eastern Europe forever

How the war in Ukraine could change Central and Eastern Europe forever

Since Russian troops invaded Ukraine last year, the war has escalated dramatically, changing Europeans' perspectives on themselves and their eastern neighbours.

The countries most impacted by the biggest military confrontation in Europe since 1945 are those in Central and Eastern Europe, spreading from the Balkans to the Black Sea and the Caucasus.

The fears looming over these countries are numerous: from concerns they might be invaded next, to significant price increases, internal political tensions and worries that a new Iron Curtain could split the Old Continent in two once again.

Euronews' affiliates across Central and Eastern Europe have shed light on these concerns by assessing the situation one year after the beginning of the war.

The Year of War is a talk show that displays the best of Euronews' reporting and analytical capacities. You can watch it in the video player above, in which Euronews Bulgaria's Editor-in-Chief Marina Stoimenova moderates a discussion with Euronews Bulgaria Ukraine correspondent Anastasia Dimitrova, Euronews Romania and Euronews Serbia Editors-in-Chief Andra Diaconescu and Bojan Brkic, and Euronews Albania reporter Franko Egro.

Euronews correspondent Sasha Vakulina features as a special guest, speaking about her field experience in Ukraine at the time war first broke out.