When will it be warm in Leicester again?

This month has been 30 per cent wetter than the average May
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It's been a pretty variable May for weather, with more rain and less sun than the average May. But the first days of June should be a different story.

Rothley-based weatherman Phil Morrish expects temperatures - which will only get up to about 15C in Leicester tomorrow (Friday) - to shoot up past the 20C mark as the new month begins at the weekend.

He told LeicestershireLive: "May has seen 30 per cent more rain than average and it's the tenth month in a row that's been wetter than average. The temperature has actually been a degree or two higher than average but it has been duller than average, too.

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"At the moment there is an area of high pressure that's gradually moving towards us and we should see that arrive on Saturday."

He said Saturday, which is June 1, will feel much more like summer, with sunshine, high temperatures and no more rain. He said: "It should be about 21C to 22C on Saturday.

"There will also be plenty of sunshine and I think that high pressure should hang around until Monday at least. We're going to have four or five days of drier weather and there shouldn't be much rain again until the end of next week."

He said the wet weather went hand-in-hand with warmer weather. The last eight months have seen temperatures above average and, with warmer air able to hold more moisture, that has led to many soggy days for England.

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