Warning issued to holidaymakers as major travel operator files for insolvency

Loveholidays said it is 'working hard' to honour customer bookings and minimise disruption
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Holidaymakers have been advised to check their bookings after one of the biggest names in the European travel industry went insolvent, leading to the cancellation of summer trips.

FTI Group, Europe's third-largest tour operator, filed for insolvency on Monday June 3, the German company confirmed in a statement. In the wake of the news, UK travel agent loveholidays issued an update on Wednesday confirming that a "small number" of its customers' accommodation and transfer arrangements may be affected.

FTI Group said it will have to either cancel or only partially complete all trips from June 4, potentially impacting thousands of customers at the start of the busy summer holiday season. The operator confirmed that while services booked with third party providers, such as TUI and Alltours, are not affected by the insolvency proceedings, services owned by the brand booked through retail travel agencies or online travel agents will be impacted.

This includes Youtravel and Meeting Point, both of which are partners of loveholidays. Following the news, the travel agent posted a statement to its social media pages explaining how the insolvency of the FTI Group would affect customers and what will happen next for those whose travel plans have been disrupted.

The message in full from loveholidays read: "Earlier this week the FTI Group, the parent company of our partners Youtravel and Meeting Point, filed for insolvency. This means that a small portion of our customers' accommodation and transfer arrangements may be affected. However, we're working hard to honour these bookings with other partners to minimise disruption to any holidays.

"We are aware that a small number of hotels are asking our customers to pay for their rooms again. Loveholidays is absolutely committed to covering these costs and we are working with affected customers, and the hotels involved, to make sure this happens.

"If you are on holiday and need our support, please contact our On Holiday Support Team by calling the number in your booking documents. If you're travelling with us soon and are wondering if your holiday is affected, please don't worry. There is nothing you need to do - our team is working hard to honour any impacted bookings with another partner."

In response to one person asking how customers can find out whether their booking is affected, loveholidays added: "Please head over to manage my booking to view your Booking Confirmation documents that were sent via email initially. On the hotel and transfer voucher it will list which suppliers you are currently booked with to determine if your booking will be impacted."

The FTI Group employs 11,000 people worldwide and offers tours to more than 40 destinations around the world, including through its 10,000 partner agencies in Germany. The German Economy Ministry called the insolvency "tragic", adding that it could not provide any additional assistance.