Warning issued over the car maintenance mistakes that could be costing you money

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The vehicle maintenance mistakes costing you money as revealed by motoring experts (Canva/PA) <i>(Image: Canva/PA)</i>
The vehicle maintenance mistakes costing you money as revealed by motoring experts (Canva/PA) (Image: Canva/PA)

Experts have revealed a number of car maintenance mistakes that could be costing you money as motorists look for ways to save.

The six driving mistakes noted by road experts could also be making your car less efficient and safe.

With so many looking for ways to save money while driving, the experts have revealed some of the most common habits biting your budget.

5 tips to help your car fuel last longer

With that said, here are the car maintenance mistakes costing you money, as noted by Motorpoint's resident driving expert Tim Rodie.

The 6 car maintenance mistakes costing you money

Here are the six car maintenance mistakes as revealed by the motoring expert:

Regularly driving on empty 

While it might be tempting to run your fuel all the way down before re-filling your tank, this can cause serious and expensive damage to your car.

Tim says: “Whether you have a petrol or diesel vehicle, regularly running your car close to empty can cause serious damage to your engine, resulting in costly repairs.

“Not only can air be drawn into your fuel system but, as you empty your tank, any debris at the bottom can be picked up which can wreak havoc with your engine.

“I know it isn’t always possible but, ideally, you should be looking to fill up your tank once your car drops below a quarter of a tank of fuel.”

Skipping your service

Tim says that while getting your car regularly serviced is not a legal requirement, it is something all responsible drivers should do.

Not only does it highlight serious issues, but it can also be a good way to ensure your vehicle is running efficiently, lowering costs.

Overlooking warning lights

While it can be easy to ignore warning lights, this can be costly as serious faults are left to get worse and more expensive.

Tim explains: “While it might appear that there is nothing wrong with your car, a warning light is designed to indicate that there is an underlying issue with your vehicle that needs to be dealt with.

“Until you get a warning light checked by a professional, it's nearly impossible to know what the problem is and how much damage you might do by carrying on driving. For example, overlooking your an engine temperature warning light could cause irreparable damage to your engine and see you become stranded if your engine cuts out.”

The Northern Echo: (Canva) Ignoring your warning light can allow serious car issues to get worse
The Northern Echo: (Canva) Ignoring your warning light can allow serious car issues to get worse

(Canva) Ignoring your warning light can allow serious car issues to get worse (Image: Canva)

Forgetting to check your oil 

Tim explains: “Car engines are made up of moving parts and oil is essential to minimise friction and reduce wear. Without adequate oil, parts can grind together – ultimately destroying your engine.

“It does more than just lubricate through. Motor oil contains additives that help keep the inner workings of your car clean and reduce corrosion, which is important for the long-term health of your vehicle.”

Driving without enough coolant 

Oil isn’t the only fluid you need to keep topped up in your vehicle, warns Tim.

“People might think that driving short distances without coolant won’t be an issue, but that isn’t the case at all. The protective fluid is designed to help regulate your engine’s temperature and make sure it doesn’t overheat.

“Keeping track of when your coolant is running low is essential – over time, coolant can become more acidic, meaning it will be less effective at preventing rust in your engine. Ideally, you should try to ensure that your coolant level is always at least half full.

“There are a few different types of coolant on the market, so you should always make sure you are using the one recommended by your car’s manufacturer.”

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