Warning as one in eight UK travel and tourism jobs unfilled

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One in eight UK travel and tourism jobs will be unfilled at the beginning of next year, according to new analysis.

The London-based World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) said the staff shortage could have an “enormous impact” on the UK’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

It predicated that 205,000 roles in the sector will be vacant entering the new year.

The shortfall of workers is a global problem, with countries such as the US, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal also affected.

As unemployment rates decrease and demand rises, travel and tourism businesses have struggled to fill their vacancies.

The WTTC called for a series of measures to tackle the issue, such as more support for remote working, reskilling workers and increasing the number of apprenticeships.

The forum’s chief executive, Julia Simpson, said: “The UK’s economic recovery could be jeopardised if we don’t have enough people to fill these jobs as travellers return.

“If we cannot fill these vacancies, it could threaten the survival of travel and tourism businesses up and down the UK.

“Companies dependent on tourism have been hanging on for the upside, but this is just another blow that many may not survive.”

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