The Warrington bakery so good that it is known around the world

Tomlins Bakehouse goodies <i>(Image: Tomlins Bakehouse)</i>
Tomlins Bakehouse goodies (Image: Tomlins Bakehouse)

A WARRINGTON bakery is so good that it is known around the world.

Tomlins Bakery, which is now known as Tomlins Bakehouse following a recent revamp, was visited by an Australian resident last week.

The lady paid a visit to pick up some pies that she first tried nearly 60 years ago.

The bakery, which has stood on Synge Street in Orford for more 120 years, shared the story in a Facebook post.

“Our customers travel miles for our pies,” it reads.

“This lady demonstrates just how far reaching our reputation and personal memories for the best pies is.

On a recent visit from Australia, she popped in for pies that she had sampled almost six decades ago.

“This lady was not disappointed.

“The 'roos' would have been jumping for joy.

“'Even better' was the verdict. Thank you for taking time out to visit Tomlins Bakehouse and leaving a little Koala to guard our scones.

“Evidence indeed that we are a local business that is known around the world.”

It is not the only praise that Tomlins Bakehouse has received recently, having being branded as the ‘best bakery in town’ by the council chief executive Professor Steven Broomhead.

Tomlins Bakehouse was also recently crowned the best pie shop in Warrington following