Warrington Starbucks team raise hundreds for victims of Syrian-Turkey earthquake

Starbucks Junction Nine team fundraising to help survivors of the Syrian-Turkey earthquake <i>(Image: Supplied)</i>
Starbucks Junction Nine team fundraising to help survivors of the Syrian-Turkey earthquake (Image: Supplied)

THE team of employees at a Starbucks in Warrington are hoping to raise hundreds to support those affected by the Syrian-Turkey earthquake.

The shocking disaster struck on February 6, when southern and central Turkey and western Syria experienced a major earthquake which killed more than 51,000 people – with numbers still rising to this day.

Destruction to the cities affected has left civilians homeless, thousands injured and some missing, still potentially trapped underneath the rubble.

After the coffee branch’s franchise group, Café Fortune, asked individual stores if they would get involved in fundraising money to donate to the relief, it was a no brainer for the team at Starbucks’ Junction Nine Retail Park branch, located off Winwick Road.

Initially, the idea was for the group to donate its annual allowance of £420, usually used for the work Christmas meal, to go to the earthquake relief fund.

But baristas did not stop there, opening a funding page that they advertise in-store to encourage others to help the needed cause.

Warrington Guardian: Starbucks, JunctionNINE retail park, Winwick Road
Warrington Guardian: Starbucks, JunctionNINE retail park, Winwick Road

Starbucks, JunctionNINE retail park, Winwick Road (Image: Supplied)

Store manager Victoria Hamilton said: “Like everyone, we were shocked and saddened by the awful pictures coming out of Turkey and Syria in recent weeks.

“As a group, we wanted to do something to help in any way we could.

“Café Fortune asked the individual stores if we could come up with any ways or ideas to fundraise for the relief fund, and of course we wanted to.

“As a group, we agreed and collectively donated £420 towards our target, and we are hoping to further bolster this through donations from local businesses and organisations.”

Since then, the Starbucks employees have also arranged a raffle and are collecting signed sports memorabilia to auction off for further donations, having already got their hands on a signed rugby ball, generously donated by Warrington Wolves.

They are appealing for more donations to include in the raffle and are asking for anyone who may have something special they are willing to give away for a good cause to contact the store.

“If any of your readers would like to contribute prizes for the raffle, they can do so by visiting us in store, calling us on 01925 650838 or getting in tough through our Instagram page, @starbucksjunction9,” Victoria said.

If you are a regular at the store, you may have already seen the Go Fund Me page advertised on their community board in-store.

“Keep an eye on our community board and Instagram page, and hopefully, together with Warrington Guardian readers, will be able to hit our £1,000 target and help those who have been affected in Turkey and Syria,” she added.

To donate to the page, visit