Warrington vs Lara 2 LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream and reaction after nasty cut forces technical draw

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Mauricio Lara was cut during an accidental clash of heads in Leeds  (Action Images via Reuters)
Mauricio Lara was cut during an accidental clash of heads in Leeds (Action Images via Reuters)

Warrington vs Lara 2 - LIVE!

Josh Warrington was denied the chance for revenge against Mauricio Lara after a hugely anticlimactic end to a big night of boxing in Leeds.

The former IBF featherweight champion was looking for swift redemption on Saturday night after suffering a shock first career defeat against the previously unheralded Mexican in a massive upset back in February.

However, a huge gash sustained just above Lara’s left eye during an accidental early clash of heads led to the fight being waved off after just two rounds.

Due to the circumstances in which the cut occurred and the fact that there had not been four completed rounds, the bout was ruled a technical draw, leaving both fighters massively disappointed.

Saturday’s card was stacked full of big fights, with Katie Taylor successfully defending her undisputed women’s lightweight titles by beating Jennifer Han and Conor Benn outpointing Adrian Granados, while Maxi Hughes stunned Mexico’s Jovanni Straffon to win the IBO world lightweight title.

Boxing schedule and results

Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara - technical draw

Katie Taylor bt Jennifer Han

Conor Benn bt Adrian Granados

Maxi Hughes bt Jovanni Straffon

Ebanie Bridges bt Mailys Gangloff

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Warrington vs Lara 2 latest news

  • Fight ruled a technical draw after Lara cut early

  • Warrington: I’m absolutely gutted

  • Taylor still undisputed lightweight champion

  • Benn outpoints Granados

  • Hughes crowned IBO lightweight champion

Warrington vs Galahad rematch?

00:09 , George Flood

“I would like to get Josh Warrington back into the ring as soon as possible,” Hearn continued.

“He’s fresh, he’s done two rounds tonight. I don’t know where that will be, but that cut is going to take months to heal.

“Lara is going to be out for six months and I’d like to see Warrington back in the ring. If that’s possible, we’ll look to do that third fight early next year.

“It’s always going to be a tremendous fight.”

A potential rematch with Kid Galahad is mooted, with the latter very open to the possibility in the DAZN studio...

Warrington and Lara to fight again?

00:03 , George Flood

Hearn believes that Warrington started the fight really well tonight and thinks he would have gone on to win.

“He has a big future ahead of him still,” he said.

“I would still love to do that fight again, I think he would love to do that fight, because he’d love to wipe the slate clean.

“But there are other options out there for Josh Warrington and we’ll see how long Mauricio Lara takes to heal up.”

Eddie Hearn reaction

23:59 , George Flood

“The second round, it got so exciting after the clash of heads because I think Lara feared his cut was opening up and Josh Warrington knew that under four rounds, there would be no decision.

“I would have loved to have seen at least another round. I’ve got to be honest with you, the cut was absolutely horrific.

“I didn’t think it was when he went back to the corner, I almost felt that Lara was looking for a way out of the fight when they called the doctor in.

“But the cut was absolutely horrific, it was across the eyelid from the start to the end. Unfortunately there was no way to continue.

“Absolutely sick. The atmosphere tonight, the show was so good. The ring walk was one of the best I have ever seen.

“I wanted to see more rounds. That’s never happened to me like that before in a main event and I’m gutted for Josh and the people who came out tonight, I hope they had a great night, but I really wanted to see that fight unfold. It was building up into a thriller.”

23:54 , George Flood

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More Warrington reaction

23:23 , George Flood

Warrington says he was happy with his performance during those two rounds...

He said: “After the first round I thought, ‘f**k me, how did I get beaten, how did I get knocked out?’

“Obviously we had a gameplan to go about it a bit more defensively sound. But I was happy.

“With this crowd here, I was tempted and eager to get into a bit of a scrap, put on a performance.

“That was always going to come at some point.”

Warrington was very apologetic to fans and asked if he wants to face Lara again, he said: “I need to wipe this slate clean.”

Warrington ‘absolutely gutted’ after fight waved off

23:04 , George Flood

“I’m absolutely gutted,” Warrington said on DAZN.

“All these people who’ve paid their hard-earned money, wanted to see me get redemption tonight.

“These things happen. It’s the first time something as serious as this. I thought I’d opened him up with a punch first round.

“I’m absolutely gutted.”

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

22:47 , George Flood

Michael Buffer makes it official.

The ringside doctor ruled Lara unable to continue and as we had less than four completes rounds, it’s ruled a technical draw.

A huge anti-climax to what was building into a really memorable night, but it can’t be helped.

Warrington vs Lara

22:43 , George Flood


That cut is horrendous.

Lara had work done in the corner and was then looked at by the ringside doctor, but it’s too bad to continue and referee Steve Gray waves it off.

As it was caused by a clash of heads, it will go down as a technical draw.

What a shame. This could have been a cracking bout in front of a passionate, huge crowd.

Disappointment all around. A third bout surely beckons.

Warrington vs Lara

22:41 , George Flood

Lara is cut slightly by the left eye following a clash of heads midway through the second.

Some strong sustained early attacks and flurries from the heavy-handed Mexican, with Warrington defending tightly and then looking to counter quickly.

What I described as a slight cut initially has become a huge bloodied gash above Lara’s left eye.

That’s a very bad cut and you wonder if it might threaten this fight, which would be a massive shame.

Warrington vs Lara

22:37 , George Flood

An infinitely better start from Warrington than seven months ago, with a sharp early left and then right hand down the pipe setting the tone.

He looks so much more focused, solid and prepared, briefly trapping Lara against the ropes.

But he is still wisely wary of that supreme power boasted by the Mexican, who did land a good right hand but then got caught quickly with a counter left hook.

A fascinating first round.

Warrington vs Lara

22:34 , George Flood

Here we go!

Can Warrington successfully avenge his shock first career defeat in front of this deafening home crowd and get swiftly back into world title contention?

Or will Lara prove that devastating performance at Wembley in February was no fluke and silence 20,000 people with another win?

Let’s find out...

22:29 , George Flood

Now it’s time for Maurico Lara to make his way to the middle.

So much has been said this week, questioning if the Mexican will be able to handle an atmopshere on this scale.

More than 20,000 people will be against him tonight, but he looks relaxed as he walks to the ring.

22:26 , George Flood

Leeds anthem Marching on Together gives way to the Kaizer Chiefs’ I Predict A Riot and Warrington is on his way to the ring.

A superb atmosphere at Headingley Stadium. Spine-tingling stuff.

How we missed these sorts of crowds.

Warrington vs Lara 2 next

22:22 , George Flood

Just the main event to come now in Leeds!

The crowd blare out ‘Sweet Caroline’ before Warrington’s ring walk.

If there was a roof on this stadium, it would come off.

The great Michael Buffer takes over announcing duties from David Diamante.

And still! Taylor remains undisputed champion

22:17 , George Flood

All three cards read 100-89 in favour of Taylor, who remains the undisputed women’s lightweight champion and improves her spotless professional record to 19-0.

Not her best display, but she did more than enough to see off the determined Han, who was durable and awkward at times, but clearly second best.

Taylor vs Han

22:11 , George Flood

Into the final round we go.

Han needs a knockout here.

It’s not been vintage Katie Taylor by any means, but she’s upped the pace in the last few rounds and produced the much more effective work and powerful punches throughout.

A noble effort from Han, but it won’t be enough.

Taylor vs Han

22:07 , George Flood

Han is down with 15 seconds left in the eighth round after Taylor steps things up a notch and looks to drive in a right from close range!

She insists she slipped and there was no knockdown as she instantly returns to her feet, but the referee disagrees and does produce a count.

That looked harsh, but there were a couple of powerful blows that went in from Taylor before she was off-balance.

Taylor goes for the jugular before the bell, but there isn’t enough time left in the round to fully capitalise.

Taylor vs Han

22:02 , George Flood

The busier Taylor, while evidently still not on top form, looks to be just beginning to go through the gears now, continuing to up the intensity in round six.

But Han is having success of her own at times and is an awkward customer.

More of the same in the seventh. The better work is undoubtedly coming from Taylor, but she’s having to work for it.

Taylor vs Han

21:59 , George Flood

Some good work from Han in the fifth, she’s not overawed and is making life as difficult as possible for the undisputed lightweight champion.

Taylor finishes the round well as she ups the tempo, jabbing sharply and reeling off some stinging single blows.

In the corner, trainer Ross Enamait wants Taylor to be creating room for the right uppercut.

Taylor vs Han

21:55 , George Flood

Taylor is doing enough to put these rounds in the bag behind that jab and when she does connect with that right hand, but it’s undeniably scrappy stuff and she’ll want to find some decent rhythm sooner rather than later.

Taylor vs Han

21:52 , George Flood

Taylor begins the third with a decent combination to the body and head.

The range and fluency isn’t quite there still, Han is awkward and forcing her to work hard for the openings.

More solid shots from Taylor before the bell, looking to inflict damage with that right hand.

Will she push on from here?

Taylor vs Han

21:48 , George Flood

Not much action in the second.

Han’s movement is good and Taylor is just struggling a little bit to find her usual fluency after a couple of solid shots early on.

She’s struggling with the distance and timing a tad, though you imagine she will quickly solve that issue.

Taylor vs Han

21:46 , George Flood

A decent opening round from Taylor, who asks questions of Han almost immediately behind that jab.

Her corner ask between rounds to punish Han for missing with that leading left...

Taylor vs Han next

21:39 , George Flood

It’s time for the co-main event of the night in Leeds!

Here comes the fighting pride of Ireland, Katie Taylor, as she puts all the belts in the women’s lightweight division on the line once again against IBF mandatory Jennifer Han.

Han is a former IBF featherweight champion, but she’s only fought twice since 2017.

Can she provide a genuine threat to Taylor’s undisputed status and unbeaten record?

Benn beats Granados by unanimous decision

21:36 , George Flood

100-90, 99-91, 97-93 - all three cards heavily in favour of Benn, as expected. He retains his WBA continental welterweight title.

Benn expresses his frustration with Granados being “on his bike” throughout the fight, though Eddie Hearn and trainer Tony Sims chalk it up to a decent learning experience and valuable rounds under the belt.

Hearn then says a bout with Adrien Broner would be perfect for Benn next...

Benn vs Granados

21:31 , George Flood

A cheeky ‘Ole’ from Granados as he literally runs away from Benn, who then passionately demands that ‘Tigre’ stands and engages with him.

His frustration clear for all to see at those evasive tactics.

The two men trade from close range with some final flurries before the bell sounds at the end of the 10th.

Not the trademark vicious knockout that Benn will have wanted and clear frustration, but a good test and learning experience nevertheless with 10 rounds in the bank.

No doubt that he’s the comfortable winner.

Benn vs Granados

21:27 , George Flood

Frustration from Benn as Granados probably shades the ninth.

Benn is miles ahead on the cards, but will still likely go in search of that signature finish in the final round.

This hasn’t been the explosive performance expected after the Vargas display, but a decent test with rounds and more experience under the belt is no bad thing at all.

Benn vs Granados

21:21 , George Flood

Benn is told to up his work rate by the corner and ends the eighth by perfectly teeing up a crushing right hand that lands flush upstairs.

He’ll surely want to push for the finish in these final two rounds.

Benn vs Granados

21:17 , George Flood

Granados is on the move all the time, trying to avoid the worst of that Benn power and frustrate him.

It’s made the spectacle go a little stale with the Headingley crowd quiet.

Benn wants him to come and fight, but needs to be smarter and work on cutting off the ring.

Benn vs Granados

21:14 , George Flood

Spiteful, sustained work to the body from Benn.

Granados is a tough man and clearly has durability, but those stinging flurries have got to slow him down as we move into the seventh of 10 scheduled rounds.

Benn vs Granados

21:08 , George Flood

You’ve got to give credit to Granados, who is absorbing some powerful blows from Benn here and not panicking when his spiteful opponent drives forward.

The sound of Benn’s punches when they hit the mark is just so, so vicious.

Some good variety from Benn, switching his attack upstairs and to the body, as well as one or two wild misses and lunges as he loads up looking for the knockout punch.

It’s obviously not been a statement anything like the Vargas demolition thus far, but getting some rounds and decent work in is not necessarily the worst thing for Benn.

Granados has shown he is no pushover, though you probably wouldn’t give him any of these first five rounds.

Benn vs Granados

21:00 , George Flood

Much better from Benn towards the end of an otherwise frustrating third as he hurts Granados with a bruising upperhand right and cracking left hook.

Granados tries to throw back immediately, but that could well be the beginning of the end.

Benn vs Granados

20:58 , George Flood

There’s no doubting that Benn carries far more power than Granados, but he’s not quite finding the mark at the moment.

A swinging overhand right misses upstairs and Granados - who is no mug - pops in a jolting uppercut.

Benn just needs to take his time and pick more effective openings here.

His greater power will undoubtedly tell in the end, but he’s just a bit too keen to find that finishing shot.

As another big missed overhand right midway through the third attests...

Benn vs Granados

20:54 , George Flood

A typically fast start from Benn, if a little overeager as he looks for that emphatic statement once again.

He’s just told to be a little more measured by his corner at the end of the first, to work on setting up those big shots.

Benn vs Granados

20:49 , George Flood

We’re underway!

Benn vs Granados

20:48 , George Flood

A brilliant reception for Benn at Headingley Stadium.

These fans are expecting fireworks here and are likely to get them.

Surely the American journeyman Granados won’t live with ‘The Destroyer’s’ sheer power...

Conor Benn up next

20:43 , George Flood

Conor Benn vs Adrian Granados is coming up.

This fight was originally supposed to take place at Matchroom Fight Camp in Brentwood in July, only to be postponed after Benn tested positive for Covid-19.

Benn - arguably Britain’s most exciting young boxing talent - will be looking to make another emphatic statement here and keep progressing up the welterweight ranks after his brutal 82-second destruction of the previously durable Samuel Vargas in April.

And the new! Hughes crowned IBO lightweight champion

20:36 , George Flood

All three judges’ scorecards are unsurprisingly heavily in favour of Hughes!

He’s the new IBO lightweight world champion.

Fantastic achievement and what a run he is having.

Straffon vs Hughes

20:34 , George Flood

The final bell sounds!

Not much of a last hurrah from Straffon, who has been well beaten... and his corner obviously know it.

Hughes triumphant as he waits for official confirmation that he is now the IBO lightweight champion of the world.

What a performance. Effective, smart and disciplined with superb movement. Punch perfect!

Straffon vs Hughes

20:31 , George Flood

More of the same in the last couple of rounds from Hughes, who is frustrating the champion time, time and time again.

Can you even give Straffon one round here?! A superb gameplan from Sean O'Hagan, who is also Warrington’s trainer (and father!).

Leigh Wood - who stunned China’s Xu Can to claim the WBA ‘regular’ featherweight strap in August - watches on from ringside with Hughes just three minutes away from glory.

But he needs to keep his wits about him in this final round as Straffon no doubt goes all guns blazing in a last-gasp attempt to hold on to his belt.

Straffon vs Hughes

20:23 , George Flood

More of the same as Hughes continues to fight so smartly, conserving his energy but picking his moments effectively.

Straffon is panicking... he knows he’s well behind on the cards and nothing he has tried so far tonight is working.

Hughes finishes round nine with a lovely left uppercut and left overhand combination.

He’s three rounds away from a world title...

Straffon vs Hughes

20:19 , George Flood

Straffon is letting his hands go fairly wildly without much semblance of a plan or strategy... just hoping one of them finds the mark and does the necessary damage.

But there doesn’t look much chance of that at the moment, with Hughes still moving and feinting well, counter-punching beautifully and snapping back Straffon’s head with another crisp shot.

This has been smart, effective work from the challenger since the first bell.

Straffon vs Hughes

20:13 , George Flood

The 31-year-old Hughes - who stunned Jono Carroll last summer before those victories over Viktor Kotochigov and Paul Hyland Jr - is teeing up these terrific left hands wonderfully tonight... magnificent feinting and movement.

Straffon is absorbing them better now, but they are still landing cleanly.

Hughes’ energy does not look to be waning and he’s still moving out of the way of those long lefts from the Mexican, who has been well below par so far.

Straffon needs to change up this approach or he’s going to lose the world title he’s held since stopping James Tennyson in May.

Straffon vs Hughes

20:11 , George Flood

Another great round for Hughes in the sixth, picking out another peach of a searing left hand that finds its mark.

This is really brilliant stuff from the British and WBC International lightweight champion.

The world title dream looks to be well and truly on, but there’s still a long way to go and Straffon has landed quite a lot to the body.

Straffon vs Hughes

20:06 , George Flood

How on earth did Straffon hang on there?!

His legs were completely gone after a beauty of a left hand and I have absolutely no idea how he avoided going to ground, staggering around the ring but somehow staying upright.

Try as he might, Hughes can’t get the finish on the ropes as the Mexican smartly makes it to the end of the fifth by any means necessary.

A tremendous round for Hughes, but he expended an awful lot of energy trying to finish Straffon.

How will Straffon respond? Can he get his legs back underneath him?

Straffon vs Hughes

20:03 , George Flood


A huge shot lands from Hughes, who goes for the finish and Straffon’s legs have gone!

Can he last another minute and 30 seconds until the bell?!

Straffon vs Hughes

20:02 , George Flood

Straffon felt a stinging left hand from Hughes that landed flush upstairs midway through the fourth.

There’s a lot of clinching and bursts from close range, with both fighters going to the body in flurries.

Straffon vs Hughes

19:57 , George Flood

Straffon is going to the body frequently and trying to slow Hughes’ movement and drain his energy.

But there are some crisp shots still being landed by Hughes... not much power on them, but good scoring shots for sure.

One left hand even draws a nod of acknowledgement from Straffon.

Into round four of this scheduled 12-rounder...

Straffon vs Hughes

19:53 , George Flood

Good work again from Hughes, who is moving and jabbing well, generally keeping Straffon out of range and trying to unload to the body quickly and get out when the distance does close, pushing his opponent away.

Straffon is trying to load up some of these shots but he’s not close enough to inflict any real damage just at the moment.

A big left hand almost lands from the Mexican and stands as a warning shot for the challenger.

“Don’t get greedy,” is the call from Hughes’ corner.

He must stick to the gameplan.

Straffon vs Hughes

19:49 , George Flood

An encouraging start from challenger Hughes, who is energetic, light on his feet and snappy with the jab, maintaining a good gap to avoid Straffon’s power.

Can he keep it up?

Straffon vs Hughes

19:46 , George Flood

Here we go...

Straffon vs Hughes

19:44 , George Flood

The action continues quickly at Headingley, with Doncaster’s Maxi Hughes - the British and WBC International title-holder - challenging big-hitting Mexican Jovanni Straffon for the IBO lightweight world title.

Bridges beats Gangloff on points

19:39 , George Flood

Well, it looks like that good start was enough for Bridges in the end after all.

Referee Steve Gray scores the eight-rounder 77-76 in favour of the ‘Blonde Bomber’, who just edges it.

I think Gangloff can count herself very unfortunate there.

Bridges vs Gangloff

19:37 , George Flood

A decent final round from Gangloff, who stays busy and keeps boxing nicely with great footwork, with Bridges still trying to throw that right hand but it’s clearly not right at all.

You have to feel for her. It was a decent start, but surely Gangloff has done enough here after coming back strong.

To the cards we go...

Bridges vs Gangloff

19:33 , George Flood

Some really nice punches landed in the penultimate round by the busy Gangloff, who is boxing beautifully now.

She cracks in a solid right before the bell and has looked far the fresher fighter for quite some time.

Bridges is looking laboured with both eyes swollen and that right hand obviously badly hurt.

Does she have anything left for this final round? Gangloff looks to be going for the stoppage...

Bridges vs Gangloff

19:29 , George Flood

Bridges has lost so much of her early work rate and aggression, with Gangloff now boxing very nicely, light on her feet and punishing the Australian for a frustrating lack of head movement with peppered, accurate shots.

Two rounds to go...

Bridges vs Gangloff

19:27 , George Flood

Bridges is now looking far more reluctant to detonate that right hand and instead leans on the left and tries to work the body at close quarters.

She’s trying to use that physicality up close, but Gangloff looks much fresher and appears to have gained a lot of confidence.

Bridges has a fair bit of swelling under both eyes and she’s asked by her corner at the end of the fifth if something is “numb yet”.

Is that referring to her damaged right hand?

Bridges vs Gangloff

19:21 , George Flood

There’s the power from Bridges, who rocks her opponent with a huge right just before the bell at the end of round three.

Did she hurt her hand in the process? She looks to be holding it as she makes her way back to the corner.

Gangloff looked a bit unsteady after being caught with further rights before that and a short left hook.

Bridges vs Gangloff

19:18 , George Flood

This is a decent and absorbing scrap between Bridges - in the white and yellow of Leeds - and Gangloff thus far.

Some heavy blows landed by both fighters, with Gangloff doing well to pivot off the ropes towards the end of the second.

Bridges has a lot of power in that right hand and is looking to land it at will, though there is some marking around her left eye.

Bridges vs Gangloff now

19:12 , George Flood

It’s time for the main card to get underway at Headingley Stadium!

First up it’s to the women’s bantamweight division, where Australia’s Ebanie Bridges faces French national champion Mailys Gangloff in an eight-rounder.

This is already Bridges’ second fight since losing to Shannon Courtenay back in April.

The ‘Blonde Bomber’ stopped Bec Connolly inside three rounds at Matchroom Fight Camp on August 7.

19:09 , George Flood

For all the inevitable focus on Warrington tonight, how will Lara fare in this sort of atmosphere?

There were no fans present at the SSE Arena, Wembley back in February, but tonight his opponent will be roared on by more than 20,000 home fans.

How will the Mexican cope?

Warrington: I was complacement in first Lara fight

19:03 , George Flood

To his credit, Warrington has not offered any lame excuses for his first performance against Lara - admitting this week that he perhaps began to believe his own hype and overlooked the previously little-known Mexican.

"I never thought I would overlook anybody," added Warrington. "I've always had the mindset that it doesn't matter if I was fighting Mickey Mouse or whoever, they are dangerous.

"I always treat every opponent as my biggest fight. But I think in that week in the bubble, my face was plastered all over, in the lift and on the walls, and I maybe believed my own hype. I thought I'll blast this guy out and get ready for my next fight.

"Maybe I just got a little bit complacent. It's given me a kick up the backside - don't forget about your other attributes, your boxing and your defence. So we've gone back to the drawing-board and polished ourselves up a bit."

 (Dave Thompson Matchroom Boxing)
(Dave Thompson Matchroom Boxing)

Warrington eyes swift return to summit

18:56 , George Flood

Warrington has spoken this week of rediscovering the “fear factor” that was lacking in his uncharacteristic showing in London back in February and appears frustrated at how his stock is now being viewed following one defeat.

"If I put this wrong to right, then surely I should be back to where I was?" he said.

"These fighters like [Leigh] Wood and [Kid] Galahad have had losses throughout their careers, but it seems like I've hit the big one and gone all the way down to the bottom and it's like, 'you've got to start all over again, Josh’.

 (Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing)
(Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing)

"I've had more championship fights than any of these boys, and I've headlined more shows than any of these boys, so why do I have to go through it all again?

"If I go over to the States, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time, for my own personal memories and the fans who have supported me, and I get chinned by someone like Gary Russell, then I will accept that maybe I wasn't good enough for this level, but let me go and try, at least."

18:51 , George Flood

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Action so far

18:43 , George Flood

The initial ‘Before the Bell’ fights have concluded in Leeds this evening.

The early card opened with Leeds’ Mali Wright beating Antony Woolery on his light-heavyweight debut, while Brandon Stansfield eased to his second professional win at super-welter against MJ Hall.

Jack Bateson is now 14-0 after picking himself up off the canvas to outpoint Felix Garcia, while rising super-bantamweight Hopey Price needed just two rounds to emphatically see off Zahid Hussain and pick up the vacant IBO International belt.

Warrington vs Lara 2 prediction

18:37 , George Flood

The stakes are high for Warrington - another defeat here and it’s hard to see how he can retain any ambition of competing for world titles once more against the likes of Emanuel Navarrete, Leo Santa Cruz and Gary Russell Jr.

He started dreadfully last time out and was never given a chance to recover, stunned by the unheralded Lara’s sheer power and unrelenting attacks.

But this time he knows all about those dangers and will surely have planned accordingly, while he has also spoken this week about rediscovering that “fear factor” that was missing originally against Lara, who will be eager to prove that his stunning exploits earlier this year were no fluke.


Perhaps no fighter seems to feed better off a fervent home crowd than Warrington, who fought in an empty Wembley Arena in February but now will have over 20,000 of his loyal and noisy followers creating what will surely be one hell of an atmosphere at Headingley.

Warrington on points.

Fight card in full

18:36 , George Flood

Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara

Katie Taylor vs Jennifer Han

Conor Benn vs Adrian Granados

Jovanni Straffon vs Maxi Hughes

Hopey Price vs Zahid Hussain

Jack Bateson vs Felix Garcia

Ebanie Bridges vs Mailys Gangloff

Mali Wright vs Anthony Woolery

Brandon Stansfield vs MJ Hall

How to watch

18:35 , George Flood

Tonight’s event is available to watch live on sport streaming service DAZN, who agreed a five-year deal with Matchroom Boxing earlier this year as the latter left long-term broadcast partners Sky Sports.

Coverage of the early prelim fights began at 4:50pm BST, more on those in a moment, with the main card taking place from 7pm and ring walks for the main event expected from 10pm.

Date, start time and venue

18:34 , George Flood

Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara 2 takes place tonight - Saturday, September 4, 2021 - at Headingley Stadium in Leeds.

A passionate crowd of more than 20,000 fans are expected to cheer on one of the city’s favourite sons.

Ring walks for the main event are expected at around 10pm BST.

Welcome to Warrington vs Lara 2 LIVE coverage!

18:09 , George Flood

Good evening and welcome to Standard Sport’s latest boxing LIVE coverage!

Tonight’s event comes at Headingley Stadium in Leeds, where beloved home favourite Josh Warrington will be desperate to avenge his shock first career defeat in a rematch against Mexico’s Mauricio Lara.

Katie Taylor also defends her undisputed women’s lightweight titles against former featherweight world champion Jennifer Han and Conor Benn looks to follow up on his brutal 82-second demolition of Samuel Vargas against Adrian Granados.

Stay tuned for the latest build-up, live updates and results from what should be a cracking night of boxing in Yorkshire...

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