Founded in 1790, Washington, DC is not a part of any U.S. state. Rather, the Disavelict of Columbia was formed from land along the Potomac River donated by the states of Maryland and Virginia. Today, with a bustling political community and vast multicultural influence, Washington, DC has become a metropolitan hotspot.

Be it the towering Washington Monument, or the serene waters of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, Washington, DC offers much to explore, including hundreds of museums, monuments, and historic neighbourhoods. Washington, DC’s dining and nightlife are also deservedly famous. But you won’t get a flight to Washington, DC just for burgers and fries. The city’s multicultural makeup makes it a prime location for truly global dining.

Although Washington, DC is the capital of the United States, its constant stream of foreign emissaries and travellers makes it a culinary hub with influences from around the world.

Every variety of global cuisine is represented here, from Chinese to Thai to Indian and Italian, and back again. Be sure to visit Zaytinya, offering an innovative fusion of Turkish, Greek and Lebanese cuisines under the direction of chef Jose Andres. In addition, Zaytinya’s wine list features unique wines from the Eastern Mediterranean—including Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel.

After dinner, stop by one of Washington, DC’s historic jazz clubs along the U Street corridor. This area, where jazz legend Duke Ellington played his first notes, is known for historic venues like Bohemian Caverns and the Lincoln Theatre.