Washington Football Team hasn't narrowed down new team names yet

Chris Cwik
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Washington Football Team fans won't be spending money on new team merchandise any time soon. While the club is moving quickly, it still hasn't narrowed down its list of new team names just yet, team president Jason Wright revealed Thursday.

In his weekly address, Wright talked about surveys the team sent out last Thursday that asked fans to vote on new team names. Wright said he knew screenshots of those surveys would appear online, and said the team is considering all feedback — even the extremely negative comments. 

Despite that, the team isn't much closer to choosing a new name, according to Wright.

"We are not yet at the phase of significantly narrowing down name options, but we are moving as fast as we can. Once we have a short list of finalists, we will still need to go through the months-long work of legal wrangling, trademarking, merchandising feasibility and dozens of other uninteresting but really important steps that go into the launch of a new name. That's why our new identity won't be on the field until the 2022 season."

Wright also added that the team names in the survey were not comprehensive. The team either has other team names in mind, or is using the responses to the surveys to help shape the direction of the new team name. 

What will the Washington Football Team choose as its new name?

At this point, it's impossible to know what direction the Team will go in with its next name. The survey choices appealed to different parts of the fan base. The Wild Hogs stirred images of the team's fanbase from its glory days, the Washington Presidents makes it clear the team is in D.C. and the Washington Redwolves keeps "red" in the team's name. Fans could easily be split on those options. 

The fact that the team may use responses to generate new team names adds another layer of complexity here. The eventual team name could be something that hasn't been floated as a choice yet.

It's also possible they remain the Washington Football Team. Wright hinted that could be the case in March.

The only thing known for sure about the new team name is that it will follow the same color scheme. Football Team fans can expect to see burgundy, gold and white uniforms hit the field in 2022. The name on the front of the uniform is the only thing that might be different. 

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