Washington state man accused of exposing himself on train

Jan. 19—A Washington man was hauled off an Amtrak train and locked up in the Lincoln County Detention Center after allegedly exposing himself to two teen-age girls during an incident last week.

Mallory N. Brown, of Auburn, Washington is being held on $150,000 bail following the alleged Jan. 9 incident. Brown is charged with exposure observed by a person under 16 and four years younger than the offender as well as a second offense of affront/alarm to abuse, humiliate, harass or degrade another.

According to the probable cause statement by Libby Chief of Police Cody Ercanbrack, Brown had a conviction for indecent exposure on March 8, 2017, in Miles City, Montana.

In the probable cause statement, Ercanbrack was dispatched to the train station in Libby after Amtrak police called reporting a man was exposing himself on the train. When the train pulled in, Ercanbrack and county Sheriff's Office Captain John Davis met with the train conductor and staff who the officers that a man was masturbating in front of some juvenile girls.

Ercanbrack spoke with the man, identified as Brown, and asked him if he had been masturbating on the train. He allegedly said he had his hand down his pants while he slept.

Ercanbrack then spoke to the sisters, one 14 years old and the other, 16 years old. The alleged 14-year-old victim said Brown sat down in front of them and said he kept looking back at them while he allegedly masturbated. They told the officer they could see Brown's penis as he touched himself while he looked back at them.

One of the girls got her grandma, who then sat in her seat and she also witnessed Brown masturbating, according to the court document. The grandmother found the conductor and told him what was happening. The conductor called Lincoln County Dispatch to request Brown be removed from the train and charged.

A conviction for indecent exposure may result in a maximum term of 100 years, or life, in the Montana State Prison. The abuse charge may result in a maximum one-year term in the county jail.