Cadbury launches investigation after student finds WASP in Dairy Milk bar

We've heard of Dairy Milk with caramel, nougat and even Turkish Delight - but this is the weirdest flavour we've ever seen.

A student from Liverpool was stunned when he opened the wrapping of his Dairy Milk chocolate bar - and found a WASP inside.

Jake Keating, 20, was about to devour the bar when he discovered the sweet-toothed insect embedded in the chocolate.

He claims he found the body of the whole wasp inside the bar he bought in Liverpool City Centre last week.

In surprise he tweeted a picture of Dairy Milk bar to Cadbury's Twitter account, writing: 'As if I have just found a WASP in my chocolate!! @CadburyUK What are you gonna do about this!?!'

The construction management student at Liverpool John Moores University said: 'I was in the city centre when I unwrapped the bar and found this wasp inside, we kept the bar all day because I thought we should send it back.

'It was a whole wasp, it wasn't like a bit of it, it still had both wings and the sting as well which could still hurt someone I think.

'Cadbury's sent someone round on Friday to collect it.'

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A spokeswoman for Cadbury said: ''This certainly sounds unpleasant for Mr Keating and we have asked for the bar to be returned to us.
'Once we have the bar back we will carry out an investigation to see where and when this could have occurred.'

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