WASPI MP issues 'unfortunate' update over compensation from DWP

An MP who has backed the WASPI cause has spoken out after the compensation bill was "dropped" ahead of the General Election on July 4. WASPI campaigners are calling for payouts from the Department for Work and Pensions after the Ombudsman report earlier this year.

SNP MP Alan Brown was due to present the bill for its second reading in July, after this second stage was twice delayed, but now the legislation is being shelved altogether as Parliament will dissolve next week before the election on July 4.

Mr Brown told the Express : "Unfortunately it just gets 'dropped' as possible legislation." He said: "I am very disappointed to have drafted the legislation and not at the very least get the chance to do a second reading.

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"I am even more disappointed that the Government did not respond to the PHSO report nor propose any form of compensation. And in many ways I am more frustrated that Labour as official opposition did not come up with any proposals either."

He said: "I would intend to bring it back as a private members' bill if the Government of the day was still doing nothing. Importantly too, the SNP support compensation, so we would work together to garner support."

Replying to the news the bill had been shelved, one WASPI supporter fumed: "Sunak really is a piece of work. Pulling the plug to stem the no confidence letters that were going in against him. What does he care, his ego comes first, second and third."

"There was also the threat from the one nation tories to move to the Labour Party. That would would have triggered calls for an an election too. He really was a disaster for the Tories," a second fumed. A third exclaimed: ""...if re-elected. " Big if for ANY SNP MP to make given what's going to hit them when the election is finished, because most of them will be unemployed."