Watch this adorable grandmother DANCE outside of her granddaughter’s room during isolation

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This adorable grandmother spent days dancing outside of her granddaughter's room to bring her happiness during her COVID isolation. 

Dominique Paz, 24, contracted COVID in February and felt depressed and anxious while  quarantining alone in North Brunswick, New Jersey. 

"Being isolated was a really big detriment on my mental health because I'm very sociable by nature and I was all alone," said the licensed social worker, who works for a hospital's trauma department. 

"I have such a demanding job so I also felt bad for missing work even though I had COVID, because I knew I had clients to tend to.

"So I was feeling super depressed and anxious."

Her saving grace came in the form of her grandmother Jennie's dance moves.

"My grandma would call me everyday and she would come and drop me off stuff and she would dance out of the window," Dominique said. 

Jennie even added some flare to her dances. 

"She's in her 50's and she was doing flips," Dominique said. 

"I was laughing and crying at the same time.

"Every time she would dance I would cry because it just made me feel like throughout everything love is a very empowering thing."

Dominique quarantined for 14 days and Jennie came every other day, dancing, bringing her food, and even bringing her a bear and chocolates for Valentine's Day, even though Dominique couldn't taste them. 

"It made me feel that even though the circumstances weren't super ideal she was there in any capacity she could be," she said. 

"She was definitely present and I was grateful that I was able to have her by my side as much as I could."

Now fully recovered, Dominique said she still watches the video as a pick-me-up. 

"I watch the video every other day," she said. 

"Especially because I'm a social worker and I work with patients who are very vulnerable, sometimes it's a heavy job, so whenever I feel like I'm alone I'll watch it."

Dominique shared a video of Jennie dancing on social media and was astounded by the positivity she received from it. 

"I never thought it would pop off like that because it's my grandma, but people started sharing their stories and saying 'I'm going through this and this made me feel so happy,'" she said.

"I was so moved and happy that people could really feel her love through me because that's a privilege I have.

"It really made me happy that my comfort became the comfort of so many other people."

Jennie even created her own Twitter to be able to respond to people. 

"Someone said 'I love you Dom's grandma' and she said 'I love you too sweetie, love Dom's grandma,'" Dominique said. 

"I'm like 'grandma you don't even know that person,' and she said, 'yeah but you never know who needs love.'

"So I think for her it's very empowering to know that she was able to impact people in the same way."